4, Mar, 22

Leaked New Capenna Images Show Returning Fan Favorite Character!

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Just yesterday, we got our first look at Streets of New Capenna, Magic: the Gathering’s newest upcoming set! The new cards and artwork that Wizards of the Coast showed off during their stream was amazing! Well, today on Reddit, some new images have surfaced that may give us some more information about characters in the set.

Head of Household

The first set of 5 images we have shows what we’d guess as the 5 different heads of families of New Capenna. Wizards confirmed that the Demons who lead these houses aren’t just pure Demons. They have different creature types alongside Demons.

Raffine (Demon Sphinx)
Xander (Demon Fiend or Demon Vampire)
Ziatora (Demon Dragon)
Jetmir (Demon Cat)
Spara (Demon Bird)

She’s Back!

The next image that we’ve seen is a pack art, and it shows a returning fan favorite Planeswalker!

That’s right, it’s Elspeth and she’s looking FANTASTIC in this angelic 20’s get up. Wizards said yesterday that the art team absolutely killed it when it came to the planeswalkers, and between Ob Nixilis and Elspeth, I’d say that holds true! We’ll have to wait and see who the next planeswalker is in the set, and my guess would be that Tibalt maybe makes a return, given the theme of the set.

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What are your thoughts on the artwork here? I’m definitely digging the demon family heads, and Elspeth is one of my favorite planeswalkers, so I’m excited to see her card. What planeswalkers do you think we’ll have other than Ob and Elspeth? Let us know in the comments!

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