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28, Feb, 22

NEW Leaked MTG Set Art Reveals Something Incredible

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We’re only a few weeks into the release of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. While there was a lot of hype for that set, there was what felt like a larger than normal amount of leaked cards. Well, 2022 is a very exciting year, and there is already new leaked images for Magic’s next set, Streets of New Capena.

Reddit user, Gengar_Pirate, saw these images show up on their local Facebook Marketplace. The first image shows the packaging for the New Capena Bundle, and a Draft Pack, and the spin down dice. The bundle pack art is incredible, showing a Demon driving an old school convertible with an Angel as the hood ornament. Could we see more Vehicles in this set? I’d wager we will.

The Draft Pack box looks like it’s something you’d get from a big box store, but we see Ob Nixilis. We’ve seen this artwork before from previously previewed art from Wizards.

The last image that we see here is a card from the List, presumably from one of the set boosters in the bundle, as well one of the new art cards. This art depicts a mean looking rhino with a big hammer. I’m going to guess this is some kind of “enforcer” type of creature from one of the mob families in the set.

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If New Capena is anything like Neon Dynasty, we’ll be in for a bunch of leaks and a fantastic preview season. Preview season for the set kicks off April 7th, with an end of April release for both digital and paper.

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