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MTG Reveals Stunning New Cards in Streets of New Capenna Stream

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Today we were treated to a little sneak peak in to Magic: the Gathering’s upcoming set, Streets of New Capenna. As Wizards has been doing for the past few sets, this set is called the “Pre-Beat“. This is meant to be a small look at the product for stores and distributors, but also gives the players a couple cards to sink their teeth into.

Today we’ll go over everything that was talked about ands how off some of the awesome cards and art from the stream. This is going to be a long one, with a lot of pictures, so buckle in!

Streets of New Capenna

The stream kicked off with some incredible new artwork from the set.

The style of some of this artwork in incredible! We do see vibrant colors just like we did for Neon Dynasty but definitely in a different vibe. This artwork gives off the feel of the Roarin’ 20’s and the Great Gatsby meets Magic.

Each of these pieces of art do come from cards in the set, and Wizards was kind enough to show off some of those cards.

Set Art

Before we get to the cards, there were a few other art assets that we were shown for the set, as well as some key dates to be on the look out for.

Streets of New Capenna Dates
Streets of New Capenna Logo
Streets of New Capenna Set Symbol

Additionally, we were given a product slate shot for the set.

Streets of New Capenna Products

A lot of the likely suspects are here, from Draft, Set and Collector Boosters, as well as bundles and theme packs. What’s cool here, is that for Prerelease, there will be 5 different “faction” packs to choose from, which we’ll talk about more in a bit. There will also be 5 Commander decks for each of the factions.

In each Commander deck, there will be a brand new “Collector Booster Sample Pack”. This is a 2 card pack that contains a Foil Common / uncommon, and a Rare or Mythic in either foil or non foil, but with a fancy treatment. This is to give players a little taste of collector boosters and some of the cool variants of cards you can get from them.

With that stuff out of the way, let’s talk about the cards!

The Lands

The first sets of cards that we got to look at were the full art basic lands.

As we can see here, some of that artwork is really shown brilliantly, and again have that old school 20’s style of art.

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Welcome to the Family

The next set of cards that we’ll show off here need a little background about them. Remember the 5 “Faction Packs” we mentioned earlier for Prerelease? Those 5 Factions are actually powerful families in New Capenna. Each one is ruled by a demon, and if you look closely at some of the art, you can see a crest for some of them in the art. Here’s the crests and the family names, as well as a little bit about them.

New Capenna Families

The first family is the Obscura. They align with White, Blue and Black (Esper). They are powerful magicians, mystics, and wizards who operate in deception and blackmail. They try to keep a low profile in the public, which allow them to execute their plans behind the scenes

Next up is the Maestros. They align with Blue, Black and Red (Grixis). The Obscura are a bunch of Old Money Vampires that pass off as art connoisseurs. They have an appreciation and call to preserve the art of Old Capenna, but under it all, they’re an elite group of assassins. They live a lavish lifestyle, and will do anything to keep it that way.

Third is the Riveteers. They align with Black, Red and Green (Jund) and are the “destruction” workers of New Capenna. They’re a group of artisans and a the brute force crime family in the city. Since they are handy with building, they’re also great an destroying things as well.

Fourth is the Cabaretti. They align with Red, White, and Green (Naya). They are the party people. The Cabaretti are a class of Druids who throw the hottest parties in town, and run the best dance halls. They use their magic to sway the opinion of the masses, and are down to party, if you’re willing to pay.

Lastly, we have the Brokers. They align with White, Blue and Green (Bant). They are a bunch of Demon Lawyers.. Yes you heard that right, Demon Lawyers, who handle all cases in the city. They are also a doomsday kind of group that have prophecies of when the halo dries up, New Capenna is in trouble.

With these 5 families, Wizards showed off a couple cycles of cards that are returning cycles and are VERY exciting!

That’s right, the Triomes return! A lot of the community expected this, and it’s good to see that we were right here. What we don’t know is if Cycling will be a returning mechanic or if they’re just on the Lands. These lands will come in 3 different versions. First up is the regular version, pictured above.

Second, is this stunning borderless version, with some beautiful artwork, and showing off the family crest.

Lastly is the Skyscraper Showcase frame, which again takes cues from the old school style artwork that we’ve seen thus far. Here are the rest of the Triomes that are in the set.

Cabaretti Triome
Brokers Triome
Obscura Triome
Maestros Triome

In addition to these triomes, we’re getting another cycle of cards that return from another tri-color focused set! They only showed off one of them today, but man is it cool!

Brokers Asccendancy

The Acendancy cycle returns as well! Here we have Brokers Ascendancy, and we see this will have a different style of treatment, the Golden Age Showcase treatment. Now we don’t know if this showcase are all going to be like this, but I dig the almost post-modern / cubism art style of this one.

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Stranger Things

But wait, There’s MORE! Not only did we get new cards from the main set, Wizards also showed off the functional reprints of the Stranger Things Secret Lair cards!

These cards were themed after Innistrad, you’ll see a lot of references and direction from that set. These cards will only appear in Set Boosters of Streets of New Capenna in the List slot. One of these cards will show up in 1 out of every 8 boosters, so you should expect between 3 and 4 a box on average.

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There definitely was a lot to cover here, and if you missed it, definitely go check it out over on Magic’s Twitch channel. What are you most excited for from what was revealed? Let us know in the comments!

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