28, Feb, 22

New MTG Commander Precon Card is Already Super Expensive!

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Article at a Glance

Two preconstructed Commander decks were released alongside Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. Both decks came with exclusive, new-to-the-game cards. One of these cards from the Buckle Up deck, Kappa Cannoneer, is getting a lot of attention from Magic: the Gathering players. As such, Kappa Cannonneer shot up in price after release. But the reasoning behind its price increase may not be why you think.

Kappa Cannoneer

When it first came out, Kappa Cannoneer was about $4.00. But these days the card is about $15.00. Looking at how good the card is partly explains this price increase.

Kappa Cannoneer is most comparable to Murktide Regent in that you can cast it for a hefty discount, comes down with sizable stats, and can grow larger. Whereas Murktide needs a high density of instants and sorceries in your deck, Kappa Cannoneer cares about artifacts. And although Cannoneer lacks Flying like Murktide, it does have pseudo-hexproof in the form of Ward 4, and can still make itself unblockable.

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What Caused Kappa Cannoneer’s Price to Rise?

Although Kappa Cannoneer was designed for Commander, it actually rose in price because of Legacy.

Multiple artifact-centric Legacy decks are adopting Kappa Cannoneer into their strategies. Let’s take a look at a few.

8 – Cast

This deck gets its name from the 4 copies of Thoughtcast + 4 copies of Thought Monitor. It plays a high density of artifacts to discount these draw spells. This makes Kappa Cannoneer an easy inclusion.

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Kappa Cannoneer also makes for a great threat in more aggressive artifact strategies like Affinity.

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Here’s a Kappa Cannoneer infinite combo. Bomberman Legacy decks use the combo between Auriok Salvagers and Lion’s Eye Diamond to make infinite mana. That mana can be used to make an infinitely large Walking Ballista. But this works just as well with Kappa Cannoneer, as it will have infinite power and toughness and can’t be blocked.

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