14, Feb, 22

Most Anticipated MH2 Card Sees All-Time LOW Prices

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Article at a Glance

The moment Grief was spoiled in Modern Horizons 2, players were scared it was too good.

Many argued the card should be banned because of its synergy with Ephemerate. Together, these cards can effectively Thoughtseize an opponent three times for just a single mana. That is an absurd combo that strips an opponent’s hand down to nothing!

Naturally, this made the card really expensive. But these days, Grief reached its lowest price ever and it’s prime for picking up.


At the time of writing, Grief is listed for about $8.00 on TCGPlayer.

This card was preordering for $60.00+. Some of they hype died down by the time MH2 officially released, but Grief was still about $33.00.

So what happened to Grief? Why did its price fall so drastically?

Is Grief Still Good?

YES! Multiple competitive decks still play Grief today and it is a key player within those decks.


The combo betwee Grief and Emphemerate lives on today but in a different form. These days, the package is played in a Reanimator shell splashing blue for Faithful Mending, a card that gave the archetype new legs.

Blue Living End

Living End is another deck that can take advantage of Grief, but it does so differently than Ephemerate decks do. Because Grief goes to the graveyard when played for its evoke cost, it become a great candidate to recur with LIving End, along with an army of cycled creatures.

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Why Has Grief Gone Down in Price?

Grief is a good Modern card but simply isn’t played in that many Modern decks. Reanimator and Living End are really the only two decks that play Grief.

On top of this, Grief is pretty bad in Commander, a format which typically makes or breaks a card’s financial potential.

But if you’re interested in playing Grief in Modern, now is definitely the time to buy.

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