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19, Sep, 23

Is The MTG Arena Mastery Pass Worth Buying?

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While it has been getting better recently, it’s no secret that MTG Arena has a somewhat troubling economy. Due to this, it’s no wonder that many players are enthusiastic about deals and shortcuts along the road to riches. Thankfully, MTG Arena has a surprisingly large amount of these between daily deals, occasional sales, and the Mastery Pass. 

For some time now, the MTG Arena Mastery Pass has been a common sight accompanying most releases. Providing packs, cosmetics, and pet upgrades, the Mastery Pass provides a good deal of content to players. The question remains, however, is it actually worth it? 

To keep things interesting, there are a few factors that determine the value of Mastery Pass. So, let’s take a look at it in detail to see if the MTG Arena Mastery Pass is actually worth buying!

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Is the MTG Arena Mastery Pass Worth the Cost?

MTG Arena Set Masters WOE Price

In truth, the overall value of the Mastery Pass is pretty good. It needs to be. Like most live service or seasonal games, a battle pass type system not only brings in steady cash but needs to be something players can look forward to. The pass costs 3,400 Gems (or 5,400 for the premium version). This equals $19.99 and you will not earn enough Gems in the Mastery Pass to afford the next one (unlike the Fortnite or CoD battle passes).

The MTG Arena Mastery Pass is primarily made up of packs from various sets, gems, cosmetics, and wild cards. A new pass is released with each standard set meaning you have around 3 months to complete each one.

Unfortunately, the XP system in MTG Arena means that there is no way to truly complete the Mastery Pass with any speed. Playing a handful of games each day for the entire life cycle of a pass might see you complete it.

From a monetary standpoint, it is worth buying the Mastery Pass if you are a regular player. If you are slightly more casual and are unlikely to put major hours into the game, you may want to weigh up the cost vs. just grinding out packs for gold.

What’s on the Current MTG Arena Mastery Pass? 

MTG Arena Set Masters WOE

Currently, since it’s the latest set to be released, the MTG Arena Mastery Pass is predominantly focused on Wilds of Eldraine. While this set makes up the majority of packs you’ll receive, there are other sets in the premium Mastery Pass. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the rewards you’ll receive in the free Set Mastery, and paid Mastery Pass for Wilds of Eldraine. 

As a note, Set Mastery rewards finish at level 60. Mastery Pass rewards, however, continue until level 81. After reaching level 81, each new level rewards one uncommon card.

Wilds of Eldarine Set Mastery Rewards

  • 33x Wilds of Eldraine packs
  • 5x Mastery Orbs 

Wilds of Eldarine Mastery Pass Rewards

  • Kellan, the Fae-Blooded Avatar
  • Common Faerie Compaion
  • Uncommon Faerie Companion
  • Rare Faerie Companion
  • 4x Wilds of Eldraine Packs
  • 4x March of the Machine Packs
  • 4x Phyrexia: All Will Be One Packs
  • 4x The Brothers’ War Packs
  • 4x Dominaria United Packs
  • 10x Wilds of Eldraine mythic rare individual card rewards
  • 4,000 Gold
  • 1,2000 Gems
  • 1 Player Draft token
  • 25x Mastery Orbs 
  • 15x Common card styles
  • 10x Uncommon card styles
  • Kellan, the Fae-Blooded sleeve
  • Syr Ginger exquisite sleeve
  • Standard 2023 sleeve 
  • Blind Obedience sleeve
  • Omniscience sleeve
  • Oversold cemetery sleeve
  • Dragon Mantle sleeve
  • Beast sleeve

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