Eternal Night Basics
18, Aug, 21

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Eternal Night Land Art Showcased in its Whole Glory

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One of the most exciting cards that were previewed for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt was the Eternal Night Basic Lands! These incredible black and white full art lands depict a spooky and dark landscape across Innistrad. Well, one of the artists on a few of those lands, Alayna Danner, posted on reddit with a larger version of the Forest that she created.


She says that this is the first time that she attempted using acrylic paint since she was in college. These cards were inspired by the old black and white monster movies, which fit the aesthetic of Innistrad perfectly. Alayna did 3 different pieces for this land series, and the Plains is going to be auctioned over on MTG Art Market.

Plains-268-Eternal Night
Wizards of the Coast

These art pieces are all incredible, and if they were to come out on various pieces of accessories, such as playmats, sleeves or deck boxes, they’d probably sell like hotcakes. Getting these lands will be easy as well, because they will be obtainable in multiple places. They can be found in draft boosters, in set boosters which have a chance to upgrade to a foil, and in collectors boosters which are guaranteed to be foil. The Art and Themes of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt are really shaping up to be incredible, and with previews starting on August 30th, we’ll get to experience more of this mysterious world.

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Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is an upcoming Magic: the Gathering standard-legal set. This is the 3rd time going back to Innistrad, and this set focuses on werewolves. It releases in Tabletop on September 24th, and release on Magic Arena and Magic Online on Sept. 17th alongside the Standard rotation. You can check out the pack art here. Be sure to check out our Preview Gallery and all Innistrad: Midnight Hunt news and updates.

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