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How to Get Your Three Free Premier Historic Drafts on MTG Arena!

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Since Jumpstart: Historic Horizons is delayed until August 26th, Wizards of the Coast decided to give the players a little bit of a gift. Starting on August 10th, players will be able to redeem 3 free Premier Historic Drafts on Magic Arena. The first entry of each of these events will be free, and then you will have to pay gold or gems to enter subsequent drafts. Here are the dates for the drafts and a little bit about each set so you can go into the drafts with some confidence.

Amonkhet Remastered

Wizards of the Coast

August 10 – August 15

At the time of writing this, the Amonkhet Remastered drafts are already underway. This draft ends on the 15th, so you have a couple more days to claim your free draft. Amonkhet Remastered is a combined set of original Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation sets. Some of the key mechanics to draft in this set is Exert, -1/-1 Counters, and Cycling. One of the unique things about this remastered set is that there are cards found in this set that were not in the original blocks that are very powerful. Here’s a list of them, and the ones pictured are ones that I’d heavily consider picking up if you find them in your draft.

  • [tooltips]Wrath of God[/tooltips]
  • [tooltips]Thoughtseize[/tooltips]
  • [tooltips]Pact of Negation[/tooltips]
  • [tooltips]Shatterstorm[/tooltips]
  • [tooltips]Lord of Extinction[/tooltips]
  • [tooltips]Demonic Pact[/tooltips]
  • [tooltips]Hornet Queetn[/tooltips]
  • [tooltips]Jace, Unraveler of Secrets[/tooltips]
  • [tooltips]Chandra, Pyromaster[/tooltips]
  • [tooltips]Sphinx’s Revelation[/tooltips]
  • [tooltips]Rest in Peace[/tooltips]
  • [tooltips]Anger of the Gods[/tooltips]
  • [tooltips]Collected Company[/tooltips]
  • [tooltips]Perilous Vault[/tooltips]

Kaladesh Remastered

Kaladesh Remastered
Wizards of the Coast

August 15th – August 20

Immediately following Amonkhet Remastered will be Kaladesh Remastered. This set is similar to the previous, combining Kaladesh and Aether Revolt sets. This set is heavily artifact focused, and include some very strong mechanics. Themes to draft around here are Energy Counters, Vehicles, Fabricate and Improvise. This is also a great place to pick up some of the Fast Lands, which are very prevalent in the Historic constructed format. Unlike Amonkhet Remastered, this set does not include any cards that were not in the original set. That being said, here are some additional cards I’d look to pick up in my drafts for constructed

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Ikoira, Lair of Behemoths

Wizards of the Coast

August 20 – August 26

To close out the series, we will get Ikoria, Lair of Behemoths. While I don’t know exactly how this is “Historic Themed”, it’s the set that was chosen. Themes to draft in this set are Mutate and Cycling, with subthemes of Ability counters. This is a set that’s currently in Standard, so I expect that most people will have some amount of these cards already.

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For anyone who is just getting into Historic, this is a great opportunity to pick up cards. Even if it’s just for Historic Brawl, Getting some free drafts and packs is a great opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

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