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How To Get A Pet In MTG Arena

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There are many ways to personalise your MTG Arena profile and appearance on the battlefield. One of these is by bringing along a pet or companion to cheer you on your way to victory.

Here’s how you can get yourself a pet in MTG Arena! With a ton of fun and interesting options to choose from, who will you have by your side?

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How to Get a Pet in MTG Arena

mtg arena how to change pets

You can purchase a pet in MTG Arena either from the Pets section in the store, or typically one is available with each version of the Mastery Pass.

They are not the cheapest item to buy with a cost of 3,000 Gems or 15,000 being the standard price. Of course, they can sometimes be found on offer in the featured section.

Each pet is quite exclusive too. There are never many available for purchase in the store and once one leaves the game, it’s rare for it to return. This is likely the reason behind the inflated cost.

mtg arena pets costs

Pets can be clicked on during matches and will have a fun little animation attached to them. Beyond this, they are little more than a cosmetic item to show off to every opponent you take on.

You can change your pets in a few different ways. Either within the deck builder or on your profile page. This is where you can also choose which avatar, emotes or deck sleeves to showcase too!

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