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19, Jul, 21

Forgotten Realms MTG Dungeon Rooms Portrayed As Cards With Stunning Art

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Magic Reddit is at it again! The community over there has put together a series of fan made cards, that portray each of the rooms in each dungeon in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. Each room has it’s own unique art detailing the room in stunning detail, and in the text box we see the effect of the room as well as the choices for progressing through the dungeon. Here’s the first room of each of the dungeons, but definitely check out the Reddit Post to see the rest of the set.

We’ve seen the creativity of the Magic Subreddit before when someone reimagined some iconic Magic cards but used the Unstable basic land art as the frame. As it was then, the art is really the main focal point here, with each one depicting each room in incredible detail. These pieces look like they could even be pulled right from the Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook. My favorites from this set are definitely the Mad Wizard’s Lair, The Goblin Bazaar, and Fungi Cavern. I would love to see something like this released as a small prepackaged product that could be a substitute to the smaller individual dungeon cards that come with the boosters.

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These art pieces are great, and there’s a variety of artists who were featured in these pieces so definitely go check out their respective portfolios. Hopefully Wizards of the Coast takes note of some of the incredible things being created within the community and draws inspiration from that for future products. What do you think about these? Which of these art pieces are your favorite? Would you prefer to have these as our representation of dungeons instead of the singular cards? Let us know in the comments!

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