23, Jun, 21

Magic: the Gathering Cards Get Reimagined with Unique Art and Frame

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There is a large community within Magic: the Gathering who love to take existing cards, and reimagine them with new art. From alters to proxies, it’s amazing to see what people can come up with. Well, Redditor VittorioMasia posted a small gallery with some popular Magic cards, but done up with the Unstable basic lands as the frame, and I have to say, they are stunning!

This very well could be the next step in the evolution of showcase cards, as they really highlights the art. The design is simplistic and lets the art be the focus. Not to mention, I bet these would look incredible in foil. Some of the immediate comments on the post were how the art for [tooltips]Bird of Paradise[/tooltips] was really beautiful. The art on [tooltips]Smothering Tithe[/tooltips] is a much more dramatic reimagination of the original art that pops with the white top border and card type boxes. [tooltips]Omniscience[/tooltips]’s looks to play on the original art and does so masterfully. One thing to note here is the lack of a defined text box on all of these cards, since the border is basic lands, but the addition of a text box would detract from the elegance of the design.

I could definitely see something like this being done with a Secret Lair, or maybe as a special showcase for collectors boosters for a “Return to Return to Zendikar” set. Would you buy these cards if Wizards of the Coast printed something like this? Let us know in the comments!

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