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30, Jun, 22

You Can Now Make Your MTG Anime Dreams Come True

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Article at a Glance

Many MTG players have experience with the other major card games that dominate the TCG market. Yu-Gi-Oh!, in particular, was popularized partially by the Anime that featured Yugi Moto as he slowly rose through the ranks to become the best Duelist in the world truly. One of the most remarkable things about the show is the hologram system introduced as Kaiba Corp tech. This allowed players to see their creatures come to life and added a touch of mysticism to fans watching the series. Now, you can experience the same kind of MTG anime duel with cards using this new product.

Time to Duel in Real Life!

In their most recent TikTok video, Holofan released a video showing the application used to recreate card games in a Yu-Gi-Oh! duel-like fashion. With some programming, you should be able to project versions of your favorite cards and have holograms shining above the card. Examples were shown for all three of the TCG titans: Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Magic: the Gathering. In my opinion, however, the Pokémon one seemed to be the most fleshed out.

As mentioned in the video, the Holofan can now recreate holographic duels for any of the three games with crisp graphics that can be changed on command.

What is a Holofan?

The Holofan is a technology aimed at creating a premier 3D visualization experience. As demonstrated in the video above, this device can render a huge variety of different 2D or 3D imaging. It can be used as a marketing tool or simply as decoration in your house.

For those worried it will be too hard to use, it’s relatively easy. You can connect to wifi with your phone and upload any videos you want to be rendered on the device through the Holofan app. You can also choose from several 3D animations with the product’s library or upload photos from your phone for animation. There are no limitations on the length of what is uploaded. You can watch an entire episode of your favorite show on it if you want to. Holofans do come with a cover that affects some qualities of your experience. With the cover, your fan will have more protection and will make less noise. Without it, the holographic quality will improve a bit, but it will also make more noise.

If you want to create a more significant 3D effect, Holofan’s larger models can coordinate to project a more extensive animation. This is probably the way to do it if you want to project an entire game state in MTG simultaneously. Since all the cards could be projected on other fans, you can use that method to change what is being seen. If you’re willing to invest the time, you can take what was seen in the TikTok video much further. It could make for a good YouTube video for content creators.

Live the Kaiba Corp Life!

Considering the applications for what the Holofan does, its price is moderate. You can enjoy real-life dueling for only $200 at its cheapest while the product remains on sale. Prices come in a wide variety depending on what size and cover you want for the product. Holofan ships internationally, so this experience won’t be geographically limited, unlike MTG product delays. For anyone looking to check out the app ahead of time, it is unfortunately only available for download via a QR code that comes with the product. If any of you decide to take the leap, please upload a YouTube video with your progress. It could be a straightforward way to make your money back from buying a Holofan!

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