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Every Magic: The Gathering Legendary Commander Professor in Strixhaven: School of Mages

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Article at a Glance

Wizards of the Coast has revealed the five legendary professors for Strixhaven: School of Mages, and they will all be featured in the Commander 2021 decks. Each of them represents one of the five colleges of Strixhaven University, the most elite university in Magic: The Gathering’s Multiverse, which is located in the plane of Arcavios. Each college of Strixhaven is represented by two mana colors that are at odds at one another: Quadrix (blue/green), Witherbloom (green/black), Silverquill (black/white), Prismari (blue/red), and Lorehold (red/white). Soon, fans can purchase Commander decks that represent these schools.

Last week, Senior Magic Designer Gavin Verhey gave us our first look at the artworks of the five Strixhaven Commander professors, and now you can check out what their cards do.

The 5 Strixhaven legendary Commander professors

Adrix and Nev, Twincasters

Wizards of the Coast

The Kenrith twins aren’t the only unique siblings in Strixhaven. Adrix and Nev, Twincasters teach magical math at Quadrix college, and the Merfolk twins feature a new Strixhaven mechanic, Ward, which counters a spell that targets this card unless the spell’s controller pays 2.

Willowdusk, Essence Seer

Wizards of the Coast

Representing Witherbloom College, Willowdusk, Essence Seer is a dryad druid professor loves passing her knowledge of medicinal herbs, pest cultivation, and dissection techniques to generations of new students.

Breena, the Demagogue


Breena is a bird warlock professor who teaches in the college of Silverquill. She prefers to defeat her foes with words alone.

Zaffai, Thunder Conductor

Wizards of the Coast

The Prismari professor is Zaffai, a musical genius who has mastered to control the elements with music. He also serves as the maestro of the Orchestra of the Arcane for the elite Prismari students.

Osgir, the Reconstructor


Representing the college of Lorehold, Osgir is a professor obsessed with relics of the past, and he treasures every single connection to ancient civilizations. Osgir has mastered the art of duplicative restoration. He can create perfect, functional replicas of objects and devices.

These five legendary professors will be available in the five Strixhaven Commander 2021 preconstructed decks: Silverquill Statement (WB), Prismari Performance (UR), Witherbloom Witchcraft (BG), Lorehold Legacies (WR), and Quantum Quandrix (UG). 

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To check out the latest cards from Strixhaven, check out our spoiler section for the upcoming set.

Strixhaven: School of Mages is set to release for tabletop on April 23, and it will be released on Magic: The Gathering Arena and Magic Online on April 15. Check out the important dates here

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