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17, Aug, 22

Players Up in Arms With Returning Dominaria United Foils!

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A recent leak has highlighted a returning foiling technique to MTG’s most recent set. This exclusive chase foil in Double Masters 2022 garnered a lot of attention. Only one of these came in an entire case of Double Masters 2022 Collector Boosters, making them an incredibly sought-after commodity. This leak suggests that textured foils will no longer be exclusive to Double Masters 2022 but will also be available in every single Dominaria United Collector Booster pack.

MTG Finance Leak

Shown above is a mish-mash of images in a thread started by Redditor u/sawdatstyle highlighting that Textured Foils will be returning in Dominaria United. This new foiling technique introduced in Double Masters 2022 is rather stunning and uses textures to help make the foiling patterns on an MTG card pop. While this is an exciting event for some, many MTG commentators were not fond of the returning treatment for a different reason.

Textured Foils in Every Collector Booster Pack!

When you zoom in on the Dominaria United Collector Booster Box contents, there is indeed text stating that one Textured Foil will be available in every Dominaria United Collector Booster. Many MTG players are upset that reprinting Textured Foils as a one-in-every-pack guarantee will make them feel “less special over time.” Some comments are a bit more cynical, with Reddit User mirroredspork stating that his “favorite gimmick will be when special treatment cards feel special again.”

Even though there is a lot of discourse over the newfound commonality of the Textured Foils, a lot of players remain excited about the over-the-top bling in these Collector Boosters:

“So, Textured Foils, stained glass foils and Legends cards? Wow. This set is sure packing a punch.”

“Textured Foils are neat but they’re just ANOTHER set of cards to potentially collect. They feel less special over time. Stained Glass cards sound super sweet though!”

Wizards is Going All-Out!

Between Textured Foils, Stained Glass treatments, the Legends Retold, and the Lost Legends promotions, Wizards of the Coast is going all-out to make these Collector Booster packs feel special. Sure, Textured foils aren’t going to be as rare as we once thought, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Textured foils will return in the same volume again. A card’s overall rarity will remain a massive indicator of its value, so don’t expect your Double Masters 2022 textured cards to affect it in the long run negatively. Many MTG players love this foiling and may be excited to use this opportunity to decorate their EDH decks even more spectacularly!

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