25, Mar, 21

Can't Find MTG Arena in the App Store? Use This Exact Phrase!

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Article at a Glance

Magic: The Gathering Arena just dropped on iOS mobile phones and tablets on March 25, after a period of early-access release exclusive to Android devices. This milestone for the world’s oldest and most beloved collectible card game is a welcome one for many Magic players who have been itching to enter the battlefield on their iPhones and iPads. But the debut of the game on iOS hit a snag after many Apple users had a difficult time finding MTG Arena in the App Store.

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Enough people voiced their concern and confusion on social media that the official Magic: The Gathering Twitter account had to get in their mentions and solve the problem. As it turns out, you need to use this exact phrase to be able to locate MTG Arena in the App Store:

That’s right, if you want to download and play Arena on your iPhone or iPad, you have to type in the exact search query, “Magic: The Gathering Arena” in the App Store search bar. It apparently won’t work any other way, including if you type out the same phrase, only without the colon.

Here’s how your App Store search should look if you type the query out correctly:

How to find MTG Arena in the App Store

Apple are understandably excited to finally find MTG Arena in the App Store. This app was created and added to the app store by our partners Hopefully players won’t have too much trouble getting MTGA on their iPhones and iPads, even with this quirk in the App Store query system. It’s hard to say why you need this exact phrase to locate the app, but it would be great if Wizards of the Coast could make Arena more easily accessible, or else Magic: The Gathering‘s Twitter account is going to be pretty busy replying to players over the next few days!

While you wait for for Arena to download, you’ll surely enjoy this advert MTG Japan released today to celebrate this milestone.

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