7, Sep, 23

New Chase $40 MTG Card Revealed!

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Article at a Glance

With the rise in collectible pieces, it seems like a new mini-lottery ticket is revealed in the MTG world every week. While probably not the case, it’s definitely happening every set. Confetti foils are the newest Collector Booster chase trend, with some cards selling for more than $300. That, however, is not the only new chase card that has been discovered this week.

Unrelated to Wilds of Eldraine, players are beginning to receive their Secret Lair shipments from the 2023 Summer Superdrop, and a few have gotten lucky. The Bonus Slot continues to show a range of surprises. There’s even the potential to find a card worth hundreds of dollars.

Shadowborn Apostle Returns

This definitely is not the first time Shadowborn Apostle has appeared in a Secret Lair bonus slot, but this particular artwork for the card has been rather scarce before now.

Revealed in a Youtube short CardboardCrashCourse opened Shadowborn Apostle #380 in a Bad to the Bones Secret Lair Bonus slot. This is by no means a fixed slot, but instead appears to be rather rare, especially concerning this cycle’s typical secondary market price.

One of the best cards one can open in a Secret Lair Bonus slot is one of many premium treatments for a card that can have unlimited copies in your library. The first card that Wizards of the Coast granted this treatment to was Persistent Petitioners. Unfortunately, you typically won’t open those cards in bonus slots these days. That honor currently goes to Shadowborn Apostle.

Relentless Rats is also beginning to see Secret Lair treatments, but these typically appear at MagicCon events and are a more guaranteed hit than the Shadowborn Apostle or Persistent Petitioners. As a result, their secondary market values tend to be a bit lower.

Confirmed Appearance in the Summer Superdrop

Posting about the newest Shadowborn Apostle, MTG artist AlbaBG revealed that this card will appear in bonus slots across the Summer Superdrop. Using the Goblins set as an example, AlbaBG confirms that this Shadowborn Apostle indeed appears in the Secret Lair Summer Drop.

What’s it Worth?

Currently, this iteration of Shadowborn Apostle only has one listed sale on TCGplayer at $300. Not enough information surrounding the newer variant has otherwise been revealed.

Looking at existing sales on TCGplayer for other premium copies of Shadowborn Apostle reveals quite a range of prices. #687, pictured above, is the cheapest one, retailing for about $7 on average. On the other side of this spectrum is Shadowborn Apostle #685 which currently has a market average of $270, but all copies of this card currently available on the site have even larger asking prices. Listed below are the current market averages for all premium variants of Shadowborn Apostles found in bonus slots:

Shadowborn Apostle #687 – $7

Shadowborn Apostle #681 – $21

Shadowborn Apostle #682 – $38

Shadowborn Apostle #688 – $69

Shadowborn Apostle #683 – $81

Shadowborn Apostle #684 – $95

Shadowborn Apostle #681 (Step and Compleat) – $120

Shadowborn Apostle #685 – $270

UPDATE: This Shadowborn Apostle has been retailing for about $40 in its early sales.

The current asking price for Shadowborn Apostle #680 is above all of these, but we do not yet know just how rare this card is. The above range of prices showcases that, while this Shadowborn Apostle is likely worth more than the Secret Lair it gets opened out of, there is a wide range of prices that this could go for. That said, as of the writing of this article, $290+ is the current existing asking price for this card.

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Not Every Secret Lair Can Have This

At this point, one of the only other heavily confirmed Secret Lair bonus slot cards we have is the misprinted Grima Wormtongue in the Lord of the Rings: More Adventures in Middle-earth. This was received a slap in the face on top of an already abysmal Secret Lair. Not only were none of the card selections in this Secret Lair worth anything, but they didn’t even get Grima’s stats right! Players who purchased this Secret Lair do appear to have this confirmed as their Bonus Slot, which is not uncommon for select Secret Lair products.

Because this Secret Lair ended up being such a bust, supply could actually make these cards surprisingly valuable. The playability of these cards, however, is quite poor. If there is any interest in these cards that drives their price up, it is likely to primarily come from MTG and Lord of the Rings collectors. The artwork is rather unique.

Sadly, aside from a few whisperings of other openings that are difficult to confirm, these are what we know about the current bonus card slots for the Secret Lair Summer Superdrop. If you’re lucky enough to open a Shadowborn Apostle and want to sell it, I would recommend doing so sooner rather than later, as established prices suggest that this may not be worth $300 forever.

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