18, Apr, 22

Accidental MTG Leaked Cards Cause Major Price Spike

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Article at a Glance

The full set of Streets of New Capnna spoilers has barely concluded. Yet, the first cards from Battle for Balder’s Gate have already surfaced. Someone opened several packs of the sequel to Commander Legends on TikTok. Now, players are already looking to the Summer set and the secondary market is responding.

Maze’s End

Before the Balder’s Gate leaked cards, Maze’s End was about $2.00. But it jumped to $8.00 as you can see by the steep spike in the graph below.

Price history for Maze’s End

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Why Did Maze’s End Spike in Price?

If the following spoilers are real, (and they do look very real), then Gates are returning in Battle for Balder’s Gate. To boot, there’s even a new Gate-related legendary creature to lead Gate-themed Commander decks.

When Nine-Fingers deals combat damage, she can put a Gate card from the top nine cards of your library directly onto the battlefield. This ability gets you closer to the 10 Gate win condition of Maze’s End. And even if you don’t have Maze’s End in play, once you have enough Gates in play, Nine-Fingers can draw you eight cards!

In addition to the new Gate-commander, there are also new Gates! Now you can stock your deck with Gates beyond the original ten (Simic Guildgate, Boros Guildgate, and more). The extra Gate lands add consistency to Maze’s End and Nine-Fingers Keene.

As we only have five pack’s worth of leaked cards, there could be more Gate cards in Battle for Balder’s Gate. Regardless of how many more cards we get, this is good news for any Gate Commander players.

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