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24, Nov, 22

45% Drop Makes MTG Sealed Product Worth it for Once!?

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Article at a Glance

Black Friday is coming, and it’s one of the few rare opportunities where MTG products have some price reductions. This is an incredibly expensive game for everybody involved, and while sales are incredibly sought after, they don’t happen all too often. Even when they do, it’s difficult to discern whether the deals are actually worth their money or not. Here, we’ll review some of the more exciting sales from the Black Friday Amazon sale and figure out just how valuable they are.

Amazon Sale

In recent times, it’s become more commonplace for Amazon to have the occasional sale for some older MTG product. Players are starting to knowingly wait for these because of how insane the price drops are. Perhaps the most exciting sale currently available are the Streets of New Capenna Set Booster boxes. This, under normal circumstances, would be the sealed product I would point to if someone wanted some bang for their buck.

For reference, The List for this set was made a little strangely. You can only open a Rare, and the chances of that Rare having some significant secondary market value is very likely. They have all gone down in price significantly as a result, but you only need a few List hits to make your money back on this sale. According to Dawnglare.com, the expected value of a Streets of New Capenna Draft Box is around $65. This Set Booster may be going for $75 on sale currently, but there is so much value in The List for Streets of New Capenna that you’re incredibly likely to make that money back. There is a chance of opening things like Vampiric Tutor, Sensei’s Divining Top, Sakashima’s Student, Zacama, Primal Calamity and, honestly, a bunch of $10+ cards.

Streets of New Capenna Bundle is the Best!

If you don’t want to spend as much in one go, the Streets of New Capenna Set bundles have a massive 45% discount. $21 gives you access to eight New Capenna Set Boosters, a gigantic spindown die, and a foil Mysterious Limousine promo. The promotional card is not all that exciting but getting eight Set Boosters for less than $3 each is a pretty good deal. If you’ve got a hole in your pocket and are looking to roll the dice a bit, the New Capenna Bundle would be my choice.

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Lotus Field Combo Challenger Deck

lotus field combo challenger deck

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the Regional Championships lately may have noticed that, according to magic.gg, Lotus Field has the highest winrate at high-level competitive play. Considering that, it’s absolutely baffling to me that this structure deck is currently 45% off.

According to MTGGoldfish, this Challenger deck has the most value amongst all the 2021 Pioneer Challenger decks. Most of the value comes from the Peer From the Abyss, the single copy of Omniscience, and the full playset of Lotus Field. That said, if you want to build the ‘best’ Pioneer deck right now, this has a lot of the cards you’ll need. At the time of writing, the Lotus Field Combo Challenger deck is only going for $22 on Amazon, and the deck is worth a whopping $68.

If you want any of the cards in this list or want to jam some Pioneer, this is a really budget-friendly way to start! Do note that Lotus Field is a pretty difficult deck to pilot. I’ve been playing the deck for a long time, and there’s quite a bit to learn. If enough people are interested, I could always write a basic guide. Let us know on our Facebook page!

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Dominaria United Booster Box

If you’re interested in some newer MTG product, Dominaria United Draft Booster boxes are currently available for a decent price. They’re still going for about $80, which is in line with its expected value, according to Dawnglare.com, so don’t expect to be breaking the bank with this one.

That said, this is the most affordable that Dominaria United has been for quite some time. If you want to get some of the new cards or play a fantastic draft format with a bunch of friends, this is a pretty good opportunity to do that.

There’s More to See, but it All Ends Soon!

While there are a lot more sales going on this weekend, these are the ones that stuck out to us the most. It’s pretty tough to beat the value from the New Capenna Bundle sale, and the Lotus Field Combo deck being discounted so much makes getting into Pioneer at a high level a bit more affordable. I would probably try a different deck if that’s your goal, but tripling your value is nothing to sneeze at. These sales tend to adapt at lightning speed according to demand, and Amazon states that it all ends this Friday, so while there may be more sales to choose from tomorrow if you’re interested in these prices, waiting may be a bit of a mistake. Even as I was writing this article, some of the Amazon sale items being offered disappeared.

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