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10 Amazing Blue Commander Cards For Under A Dollar

If you're tired of people messing with your decks, then mess around with them instead., Use these budget Blue cards to help.
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Next in our list of lists is the budget Blue Commander cards. That’s right, the color of tempo-control, countering spells, and surprisingly big Creatures is here.

There are actually an almost uncountable number of great budget cards available in Blue, so it was hard whittling it down, but we’ve tried to do it anyway.

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10 amazing Blue Commander cards for under a dollar


Our honorable mention today is Mass Manipulation. Mass Manipulation costs XX and four Blue mana. That’s a lot, but it’s worth it.

For that cost, you gain control of X Creatures and Planeswalkers. Because it can target both, you’ll nearly always have a lot of options to choose from when you’re figuring out what to steal. It’s even better if you can find a cool way to copy it for cheap.

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10 – Swarm Intelligence


Oh hey, it’s a really good way to copy spells. We were literally just talking about that; what are the odds, eh?

Swarm Intelligence is a seven mana Enchantment that lets you copy any Instant or Sorcery spells you cast. You can then also choose new targets for the copy. Not every Blue deck is going to be about casting Instants and Sorceries, but the ones that are will want this to hand.

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9 – Whelming Wave


While the name of this card makes it sound severely average, it’s actually a powerhouse bit of removal for Blue decks.

For four mana, Whelming Wave will return all Creatures except for Krakens, Leviathans, Octopuses, and Serpents to their owners’ hands. You don’t need to build your deck around this piece of removal to make it good, but if you do, it’ll be fantastic.

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8 – Stormtide Leviathan


Blue isn’t considered the color for big old Creatures, but it definitely has more than its fair share of absolute units. Stormtide Leviathan is an eight mana 8/8 with islandwalk.

It also makes all other Lands into Islands in addition to their other types, and makes it so that Creatures without flying or island walk just can’t attack. That’s a really powerful mix of abilities, and it makes it very easy to crush people.

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7 – Talrand, Sky Summoner


Talrand, Sky Summoner, is a four mana 2/2 Merfolk. Merfolk is a relevant Creature type if you’re already messing about with them in Commander, but it’s not relevant to why this card is so good.

Whenever you cast an Instant or a Sorcery, you get to create a 2/2 Blue Drake with flying. Assuming you’re going out of your way to cast a lot of those spells, or even if you’re just running a few bits of interaction and some card draw spells, you’ll have a lot of flying Creatures very quickly.

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6 – Future Sight


Future Sight is a five mana Enchantment that reveals the top card of your library to everyone. That’s a bit weird, but it’s good for instilling fear sometimes.

Also, you can play the top card of your library too. The key part of that is that it says play, not just cast, which means that you can play Lands if they’re there. You can also use it as part of a few combos, but you’re going to struggle to get those for cheap.

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5 – Mind’s Desire


Mind’s Desire is a classic card. It’s the kind of card that your parents and their parents both played. You know, some proper family heirloom stuff.

It reads, “Shuffle your library. Then exile the top card of your library. Until end of turn, you may play that card without paying its mana cost.” That’s free cards, sort of, and if you know anything about MTG, you know that’s good. Also, it has storm, which means you get extra copies of it for each spell you’ve cast before it that turn. Well, now it’s just silly, isn’t it?

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4 – Metallurgic Summonings


Metallurgic Summonings is a five mana Enchantment that lets you create an X/X Construct Artiface Creature token whenever you cast an Instant or Sorcery, where X is that spells mana value.

Plus, you can pay five mana and exile it to return all of your Instant and Sorcery cards from your graveyard to your hand as long as you have six Artifacts or more. Basically, it’s a really good card for people playing both Artifacts and Instants and Sorceries, and that’s probably you, so you should use it.

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3 – Mulldrifter


You don’t have to like Mulldrifter to understand that it’s a stupidly good card. For five mana, Mulldrifter is a 2/2 with flying that will draw you two cards when it enters the battlefield.

You can pay three mana instead to evoke it, but it’ll die instantly. The key thing here is to have a way to flicker it, because then you can just draw lots of cards, and everyone loves having lots of cards. With just a little bit of work, Mulldrifter could be your new favorite card, and trust us; it’s very much worth that little bit of work.

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2 – Vesuvan Shapeshifter


Excuse us for this, but here’s some text, “As Vesuvan Shapeshifter enters the battlefield or is turned face up, you may choose another creature on the battlefield. If you do, until Vesuvan Shapeshifter is turned face down, it becomes a copy of that creature, except it has “At the beginning of your upkeep, you may turn this creature face down.”

Vesuvan Shapeshifter normally costs five mana, but you can cast it as a morph card for three, and then it only costs two mana to flip. Now, that’s still five mana in total, but the key thing here is that you can flip Vesuvan Shapeshifter face up and face down a lot in a single match, and that means you can always have a copy of the best Creature on the battlefield. Well, the best one other than Vesuvan Shapeshifter.

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1 – Treasure Cruise


Our final choice is, of course, Treasure Cruise. This card is so good that it’s banned in Modern, Pauper, and Legacy. Plus, it’s restricted in Vintage. There was a time it was legal in Standard, and that was a truly great time. However, it’s not at the moment, but it is legal in Commander.

For eight mana, Treasure Cruise lets you draw three cards. Of course, what makes it really powerful is that it has delve. What this usually means, is that for one mana, you can draw three cards. It’s very hard to beat that kind of rate, and we don’t recommend you even try to do so.

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