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The 10 Best Slivers In Commander

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Join the dark side with the best Sliver in Commander. Who needs friends when you've got an army of spiky homogenous things.
Article at a Glance

Slivers might be one of the most hated and loved tribes in MTG. There are a lot of people both for and against them because they are probably one of the best tribes because they all work together.

There are Sliver lords, but everything works together anyway, so there’s no real need to differentiate between them. Every card you play is going to make your side of the battlefield stronger, so it’s an easy deck to mess around with. To get you started though, we’ve picked out the 10 best Slivers in Commander.

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The 10 best Slivers in Commander


As ever, we’re beginning our list with an honorable mention, although it may be dishonorable if you’re not a fan of Slivers.

Our pick for this list is Constricting Sliver, which cost six mana for a White 3/3 that allows you to exile Creatures when Slivers enter the battlefield, and those then remain exiled until your Sliver leaves. It’s a great way to get some board removal out there, without ever risking your own Creatures.

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10 – Brood Sliver

Brood Sliver is a five mana Green 3/3 that’s everything you want if your main aim is to create as many Sliver as possible.

You see, it makes it so that every time a Sliver deals combat damage to a player, they get to create a 1/1 colorless Sliver token. You can literally just combine this with Constricting Sliver to suddenly have an obnoxiously powerful bit of synergy.

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9 – Shadow Sliver

Shadow Sliver isn’t exactly creatively named, but you’re also not going to complain about it being misleading. For three mana, you get a Blue 1/1 that gives all Slivers a keyword called shadow.

Shadow, for those that don’t know, means they can only block or be blocked by other Creatures with shadow. While this does leave you defenseless, the chances are that you’ll be gaining so much life or removing every other Creature anyway, so who cares?

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8 – Pulmonic Sliver


Now, it’s unlikely you’ll have all of the Slivers you own out at once. Not impossible, but unlikely. That’s why having some good options for protections is always wise. Pulmonic Sliver is a five mana White 3/3 that gives all Slivers flying.

It also makes it so that if they die, you can put them on the top of your library instead. What makes this bit of text so good, is that you don’t have to do that. That means you can always protect the best Slivers in Commander, and that’s excellent.

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7 – Spiteful Sliver

Spiteful Sliver is a three mana Red 2/2 that gives you a different kind of protection, because it basically makes you really petty, which we love.

It gives all of your Slivers, “Whenever this creature is dealt damage, it deals that much damage to target player or planeswalker.” It basically means that nobody can attack you without having that damage come back, which means you’ll probably stop being attacked, which makes it rather easy to win.

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6 – Quick Sliver


As we go through this list, the naming conventions for these little things is growing on us. Quick Sliver, is very close to being Quicksilver, and we think that’s pretty cool.

Quick Sliver is a two-mana Green 1/1 that has flash. Not only that, but it gives all Slivers flash, and that’s a great way to trick people into thinking they’re safe to attack you or leave you alone, before you make them realise how foolish they’ve been.

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5 – Cloudshredder Sliver

[tooltips]Cloudshredder Sliver
is one of the newer Slivers in MTG. It actually comes from the first Modern Horizons set, and it looks like a messed-up dragon.

For two mana, you get a Red and White 1/1 that gives Sliver Creatures you control both flying and haste. While there are other cards that grant one or the other, having both on a two mana body is really powerful.

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4 – Sliver Overlord


We’re into the big leagues now, because most of the best Slivers in Commander are Legendary Creatures. Sliver Overlord is a five mana White, Blue, Black, Red, and Green (WUBRG) 7/7 with two abilities, only one of which is usually useful.

The less useful abilities lets you pay three mana to gain control of a Sliver. The other one, the good one, lets you fetch up a Sliver from your deck and put it straight into your hand. This allows you to pull out whatever ability you need for your swarm next, and it’s usually cheap enough to sue that you’ll also be able to play it in the same turn if you want to.

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3 – Sliver Hivelord

Sliver Hivelord is also a five mana WUBRG Legendary Creature, but this one doesn’t let you find things from your deck; it’s also only a 5/5.

However, it gives all of your Slivers indestructible, which is such an incredibly annoying and powerful ability, that it beats nearly everything else available. What more can we really say about something that stops everything you control from dying?

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2 – Sliver Legion


Our penultimate pick for the Sliver legion is, well, Sliver Legion. yet another WUBRG 7/7, Sliver Legion doesn’t stop your Creatures from dying or being targeted, and it doesn’t give them evasion.

Instead, Sliver Legion gives all Slivers +1/+1 for every other Sliver on the battlefield. It simply makes your side of the battlefield so big that evasion becomes irrelevant, and all you need to do is keep playing Creatures and turning things sideways to guarantee a victory. It’s just kind of absurd.

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1 – The First Sliver


The best Sliver in Commander also happens to be The First Sliver. The final WURBG 7/7 on our list, The First Sliver bestows cascade onto all of your Slivers.

Cascade, if you’re not familiar, means that “When you cast this spell, exile cards from the top of your library until you exile a nonland card that costs less. You may cast it without paying its mana cost. Put the exiled cards on the bottom of your library in a random order.” In essence, it means that you’ll always get two cards for the price of one, and it also means that you’ll end up accumulating an army so fast that it’ll make everyone’s head spin. Not yours though, you’ll be too busy winning for any of that nonsense.

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