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21, Oct, 22

Wizards Shows Jumpstart Spoilers and Most Bizarre Product Ever?

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Article at a Glance

Another monthly announcement has come to pass, and we’ve got a lot to talk about! There are some new cards and artworks that should get Commander and Jumpstart fans excited. Past that point, a new community Secret Lair and what may be the most bizarre product (yes, even stranger than the 30th Anniversary Edition, but less controversial) the game has seen in recent years. With that, let’s look at all the new goodies shown off by Wizards of the Coast!

Jumpstart Spoilers!

The new Jumpstart 2022 set is coming out on December 2nd. Like the other Jumpstart products in MTG, you can use two packs of cards to sleeve up a deck and play against an opponent. Two of those packs were shown off today, along with some new Jumpstart spoilers:

Isu the Abominable is a five-mana 5/5 that looks to be a fantastic Bant snow Commander! This creature accumulates card advantage by casting snow permanents off the top of your library. It can also act as a win condition by threatening Commander damage! I don’t think this will break any formats, but it is a fun new Commander to build around.

Ardoz, Cobbler of War looks a lot more like a constructed card. Unfortunately, it is only Eternal Legal. This two-mana Goblin cares a lot about Haste since it offers creatures that enter the battlefield under your control a temporary boost. There may be some experimentation with this card in Legacy Goblins, but I’m not sure if it will end up seeing play or not.

Alongside two new Spoilers, two new artworks for cards sharing the same pack lists were also shown! Coldsteel Heart offers a glimpse at the new Anime or Manga artwork that will frequent these Jumpstart 2022 Boosters. According to the Monthly MTG announcement host Blake, these artworks should be in “every packet” of Jumpstart 2022.

A fan-favorite Legendary Creature is getting another reprint and new artwork in this set! Kiki-Jiki is best known (besides maybe by his Legacy in Neon Dynasty) for perpetuating a bunch of infinite combos. This card still sees Modern play in Goblins, which can cause a Conspicuous Snoop to create infinite copies of itself.

Jumpstart Packlists

Listed above is the list for the “Speedy” pack. Here are all of the cards listed out:

  • Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
  • Ardoz, Cobbler of War
  • Bolt Hound
  • Warcry Phoenix
  • Markov Warlord
  • Fiery Conclusion
  • Fantical Firehound
  • Nest Robber
  • Mudbutton Torchrunner
  • Irreverent Revelers
  • Rush of Adrenaline
  • Swift Kick
  • Thriving Bluff
  • Mountain

Pictured above here is the list for the Snow pack:

  • Isu, the Abominable
  • Marit Lage’s Slumber
  • Coldsteel Heart
  • Avalanche Caller
  • Phyrexian Ironfoot
  • Icebind Pillar
  • Pilfering Hawk
  • Frostspeak Yeti
  • Chillerpillar
  • Berg Strider
  • Winter’s Rest
  • Crippling Chill
  • Shimmerdrift Vale
  • Snow-Covered Island

Extra Life Secret Lair

This reveal’s primary focus was another installment of Wizards of the Coast’s partnership with Extra Life. Extra Life is hosting a variety of charity incentives to raise money and help those in need. To do this, besides donating directly, there are a few charity products in the form of Secret Lairs and MTG Arena Cosmetics!

As shown in the picture above, the upcoming Secret Lair showcases three artworks made by kids that MTG artists will bring to life. Considering that you get two copies of each card in these lairs, the value is usually more than worth the price of these. Better yet, it’s all for charity!

Perhaps the most charming part of these Secret Lair cards is that the flavor text on these cards is all quotes from the kids who created the artwork. This may be some of the best flavor text that MTG has ever seen. Otherwise, Lathliss is worth about $7, according to TCGplayer.

Birds of Paradise has had a ton of reprints in its time, yet it still retains a reasonable price. One mana creatures that can tap for anything will always be popular, and this particular bird may have more lore featured on it than we’ve ever seen before (though it may not be canon). Birds of Paradise still has an asking price of about $10, and you get two of them!

Sliver Legion is the last of the three cards featured in this Secret Lair. Sliver Legion was reprinted recently in Time Spiral Remastered but has remained a hot commodity on the secondary market. In its cheapest iteration, Sliver Legion still goes for about $20, which means there is $40 worth of cards right here! Considering that these Secret Lairs are worth $39.99 and $49.99 for the non-foil and foil cards respectively, there’s a ton of value in this Secret Lair.

The artwork on each card will also be available on MTG Arena as sleeves for 1200 Gems each in the store. The original Extra Life sleeve (with Ajani) will be available for 600 Gems.

MTG Chandra Prop?

The last item previewed today is not something MTG has done very much of, if at all, up to this point. It’s a bit hard to describe this, so we’ve linked the YouTube video of the presentation above so you can see it for yourself. Fast forward to about seven minutes to see Hasbro show off its newest product.

This Chandra gauntlet uses a combination of LED lights and misting technology to create a sort of ‘flame’ effect. The gauntlet is entirely customizable, with three different sized gloves depending on your size. Alongside this comes a limited print of Chandra from MTG artist Magali Villeneuve and an old-bordered limited print Chandra’s Gauntlet with the same artwork. If you’re interested in purchasing your own Chandra’s Gauntlet, they will be available starting October 27th for $299.99 on Hasbro Pulse.

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