3, Jun, 21

Wizards of the Coast Reportedly Bans MTGO Player From Bug Reimbursement System For Reporting Too Many Bugs

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A Magic: The Gathering Online (MTGO) player was reportedly banned from the bug reimbursement system for reporting known bugs in the game.

Magic Online player YamaKiller has taken it to Twitter to share a screenshot of what appears to be a response from the MTGO support representative explaining why his account has been banned from the MTGO event reimbursement system.

“The event reimbursement system exists to assist users when they encounter an unexpected bug or error, but it should not be used as a crutch if you are consistently unable to operate the program effectively,” the message reads. “We have determined that your repeated requests for known issues is outside the spirit of the policy in a way that we consider abusive. Due to this, you are no longer eligible for event reimbursement.”

YamaKiller – Twitter

YamaKiller is a Twitch streamer who grinds MTGO a lot, so the chances of him encountering bugs are probably more frequent than an average player, so Wizards should consider his request for reimbursement in their analysis. When I played MTGO years ago, I didn’t find any issues in getting reimbursement when I encountered technical issues in the game, but I’m not a nonstop grinder like YamaKiller and I’ve only reported issues twice, so it seems Wizards have put a limit to the amount of times he can get an event reimbursement. It’s still unclear what bug YamaKiller requested an event reimbursement for, but it sounds like he’s done this a bunch of times.

Wizards of the Coast

Some Twitter users pointed out how there appears to be missing details from Yamakiller’s story:

YamaKiller went on to defend his claim against those who think that he’s abusing the system:

Have you encountered and reported bugs in MTGO or MTG Arena before? Feel free to talk about it in the comments section below.

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