16, Jun, 22

Wizards Announces MORE MTG Product Delays

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Article at a Glance

Before the affected set’s spoiler season even kicks off, Wizards of the Coast announces another round of MTG product delays. This time, it’s for their Double Masters 2022 product. This comes shortly after another announcement concerning delays from Wizards’ previous product.

Only One Thing

The good news this time is that there’s only one category of product being delayed: English Collector Boosters. Wizards have stated that players should expect approximately a one to two-week worldwide delay following the official release of Double Masters 2022 before English Collector Boosters are available in regular supply. In their statement, they mention “ongoing global supply issues” as the principal offender that’s causing this delay.

The only bizarre silver lining here is that Wizards states only a portion of these Collector Boosters will be delayed. As a result, you may have access to Collector Boosters around the set release, but they will be very limited in supply.

This is rather frustrating for those who were excited at the opportunity to get their hands on some of the full-art textured foils being shown off in early Double Masters 2022 previews. There will still be ample opportunity to crack regular Double Masters 2022 packs at release. Since this set is already a higher-priced premier set, you might as well go all-in.

Other Reasons

A possible reason for the Collector Booster delays may be why some players seem to be finding Double Masters cards early. There have been reports of players finding Double Masters 2022 chase cards in packs of Commander Legends: Baldur’s Gate. We will be looking further into this soon.

As MTG’s most recent set, Baldur’s Gate faced significant delays worldwide upon its release. Strangely, I’m taking a sigh of relief that the delays for this set aren’t as bad as those were, but even that in itself is a strange thing to be doing. Delays are quickly becoming commonplace with every MTG set release. As a result, the severity of the delays is now more of an issue rather than the presence of a delay itself. This sort of practice is disappointing and is hopefully addressed.

The official statement from Wizards of the Coast can be found here.

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