6, Sep, 23

Wilds of Eldraine's Most Expensive Card Doubles in Price!

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For any who are keeping an eye on Wilds of Eldraine following the set’s prerelease, it’s no secret what the best card in the set is. That doesn’t change the fact that there are quite a few potentially underrated gems in the set. Regardless, people are going absolutely nuts over Beseech the Mirror right now.

As per usual, this isn’t the only card seeing a price spike, but the price spike regarding Beseech is so massive that, while likely temporary, it’s difficult to ignore.

Beseech the Mirror

Coming into prerelease season, Beseech the Mirror was considered the best card in the Wilds of Eldraine set by a mile. While this card has some obvious targets in every format the Mirror is legal, Beseech the Mirror goes absolutely bonkers in the Legacy format. Thanks to the ability to combo off as early as turn one, Beseech the Mirror turbo-charges strategies trying to win quickly out of the gate by adding a layer of consistency.

This was proven true over the weekend. While most people were playing in prerelease events, one Legacy tournament was taken down by Beseech the Mirror in a Helm of Obedience combo deck.

Now that everyone’s expectations have some backing, prices for Beseech the Mirror have been going haywire. Worth $27 only a few days ago, Beseech the Mirror’s cheapest variant is selling for just under $50. Prerelease foils are selling for a little under $55, as well as nonfoil extended art variants. Foil extended art Beseech the Mirror are selling for $70.

Now, a big part of this spike is the supply and demand relationship we’re currently seeing with Beseech the Mirror. Wilds of Eldraine hasn’t seen its official release yet, so the number of cards currently available on the secondary market is minimal. This creates a bottleneck in resources that should improve immensely this weekend. At the time of writing, only five copies of this card are available on TCGplayer, with the cheapest being $55. This is likely not to be the case after Friday passes.

As a result, it is highly recommended to take this price jump with a grain of salt. Once supply for Beseech the Mirror reaches a normal level, demand may be sated, which will cause the price of this card to drop.

Either way, Beseech the Mirror remains the best card in Wilds of Eldraine by a mile, and should maintain a respectable price tag. It just might not be a $50 one.

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Mistbind Clique

One of the two new preconstructed Commander decks releasing alongside Wilds of Eldraine is a Faerie typal deck. The Faerie typal archetype is also the Dimir Limited theme in Wilds of Eldraine, creating a ton of Faerie support. This means that players are becoming interested in Faerie typal synergies, causing older Faerie cards to spike.

One upside to the Fae Dominion Commander deck is that it does a great job of reprinting many of the most impactful Faerie spells one could want. That said, Mistbind Clique is one of the Faeries that was not reprinted in Fae Dominion.

In exchange for Championing a Faerie, Mistbind Clique can tap all of target opponent’s lands. Since you can play Mistbind Clique at instant speed, this can help you get your spells through on your following turn against the annoying blue player at your Commander table who refuses to tap out. Alternatively, you can try to tap a player’s lands on their upkeep, essentially skipping their turn.

For reference, the Champion keyword means that Mistbind Clique needs another Faerie in play to function. The Faerie Mistbind Clique uses for Champion will be exiled, but will return to play after Mistbind Clique dies. Since Mistbind Clique must Champion a Faerie, a Faerie typal deck is the perfect place for this card to see play!

Thanks to increased interest and a lack of a reprint, Mistbind Clique has risen in price drastically. Worth just $4.50 at the beginning of August, copies of Mistbind Clique are currently approaching $20. Clique started to spike aggressively near the end of August and currently has most copies selling for a bit over $17. Notably, copies of this card sell for more than $20, but they tend to be the exception.

If, for some reason, you’re after a foil Mistbind Clique from Lorwyn, they’re not too expensive. In fact, the only other variant of Mistbind Clique that exists is actually the most expensive one.

Mistbind Clique also has a Secret Lair variant with a slight premium over the variant from Lorwyn. This card is currently selling for around the $27 mark and is only available in foil. This Mistbind Clique has seen a much more gradual spike from a little over $5 in June, but started to take off around the same time that the other Mistbind Clique did. These are currently the only two printings of Mistbind Clique that exist.

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Anime Art

While Beseech the Mirror and Mistbind Clique are the only two super notable spikes this week, anime cards from Wilds of Eldraine are gaining value across the board. Rhystic Study is the most significant of these, so that’s the card we’ll give a shout to.

Many of the new Enchanted Tales cards see play somewhere. The most expensive cards you can find from this collection all generally see play in Commander. Rhystic Study is one of the best and most annoying cards among these.

Currently, full art Rhystic Studies have a pretty absurd asking price, spiking from $45 at the end of August to $88! Foils are going for well over $100 at the moment.

Confetti Foil cards are even more absurd, currently selling for over $300! These are the Collector Booster chase cards for the set, so while they are likely to decline in price, it’s tough to know what exactly will happen to them.

Do keep in mind that, like Beseech the Mirror, prices for these cards will be affected by the fact that Wilds of Eldraine has not been fully released yet. Since these cards appear on the bonus sheet for Wilds of Eldraine, I would heavily reconsider before buying in at higher price points. March of the Machine was a great example of what bonus sheets can do to secondary market prices. While not guaranteed, these are likely to drop heavily, which is a good thing, but this means that a little bit of patience could save you some money.

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