4, Sep, 23

MTG Format Staples Hit Record High $40+ Values After Spikes!

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Article at a Glance

Wilds of Eldraine, while having Prerelease season pass, is still worming its way into the secondary market. There are price shifts happening, but they aren’t too reliable yet. Because of that, we will instead look at cards that have hit a new zenith in their financial values recently, notably near the end of August 2023 for the most part.

This means that the covered values of these cards is the most expensive that they’ve ever been. You’re going to see some $40 prices on this list.


Over the past week, Fury’s market value on TCGplayer surpassed $45 for the first time in the card’s history. It’s not shocking to see this card on a financial tear considering that it sees play all over the place in Modern and is a necessary component of the format’s best deck, considered by some to be a tier above everything else you can play.

Not only is Fury a necessary four-of in Rakdos Scam, but it’s starting to pop in the sideboard of, well, just about everything in the Modern format. Living End is beginning to run some number of these cards on a more consistent basis. Fury also sees play in Elemental control lists, in the sideboard of Crashing Footfalls decks, the sideboard of Murktide, Breach decks, and more.

Even though Fury hit a new record market average this week, it has actually seen a bit of a downtick following that. Fury does still have iterations of itself selling for the $45 mark. Over the past year, Fury’s lowest market average was about $21.

The Foil market average for Fury, however, did see a massive price jump over the last two months, rising from $45 to $60. A full art Fury will run you about the $55 currently.

Thassa’s Oracle

The Thassa’s Oracle from the Cool Ocean Breeze Secret Lair back in Spring 2023’s Super Drop is a massive hit. Players who want a piece of this full-art Commander staple will need to pay a surprising premium compared to Thassa’s Oracle’s cheapest variant.

The cheapest variant of the Oracle available currently retails for between $9 and $9.50. A nonfoil Thassa’s Oracle from Cool Ocean Breeze retails for about $40, and the foil variant retails for about $50. This card has been spiking heavily in recent weeks, and was discussed last week as a result.

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Karn, the Great Creator

Karn, the Great Creator has always been a role-player in competitive formats. Thanks to its infamous combination with Mycosynth Lattice, the Lattice got banned out of Modern, and the combo keeps Karn seeing play in Legacy and Vintage.

In Modern, Karn has seen an uptick in play since the release of Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth, thanks to The One Ring being a game-changer for the Tron archetype. Finally, Karn sees play in Pioneer thanks to the card being a critical part of the Mono Green Devotion archetype.

Considering Karn is seeing play in multiple formats and has only become more popular as new sets have hit the scene, it’s no surprise that the card’s original variant from War of the Spark hit a new record price last month. Karn had a record market value on TCGplayer surpassing $20, something that the base variant of the card has never seen before. That market value spike has dropped as August progressed, but the sales price of Karn has not.

Expect to find the base variant for around $20 nowadays.

Kederekt Parasite

Kederekt Parasite is a card that sees niche Commander play in various archetypes. The card is notably incredibly powerful in Commander decks helmed by the new Ob Nixilis, Captive Kingpin from March of the Machine: the Aftermath. Since this Commander cares about dealing damage in exactly one-damage increments, Kederekt Parasite generates a ton of value for the deck once turned on.

Otherwise, Kederekt Parasite sees Commander play in decks like Nekusar, the Mindrazer, Obosh, the Preypiercer and Kalan, Reclusive Painter.

Kederekt Parasite does not see any notable play outside of Commander, but the card has hit a new market average record of about $15.50. Sales suggest that Kederekt Parasite is going to spike further, selling for $21 near the top end of nonfoil sales. The parasite began spiking heavily near the end of April and has not stopped since.

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Sundial of the Infinite

Sundial of the Infinite has occasionally shown its power in the Commander format. While ending your turn early may seem counterintuitive, there can be some huge benefits involved.

Take Discountinuity, for example. This card is commonly used alongside Lotus Field in Pioneer and fills both a role as a ramp spell and a payoff. For two mana, you can end the turn in response to Lotus Field’s ETB trigger and keep the two lands you would otherwise sacrifice, ramping to five mana. For six mana, Discontinuity can end your opponent’s turn, effectively offering a Time Walk.

Sundial of the Infinite’s major spike is related to Commander. As we previously discussed, this card is fantastic alongside keyword effects like Myriad and Encore. By ending the turn before your tokens disappear, they effectively become permanent instead of a means of spreading damage to all of your opponents.

This interaction caused a massive spike for Sundial of the Infinite over August as a result of Sliver Gravemother’s Encore effect in the new Sliver Commander deck. Sundial of the Infinite spiked from $7.35 near the end of July to a current market value of $16. Cards are currently selling for close to $19.

A Different Perspective

While the spikes for these cards have happened over a longer period of time, all of them have hit the most expensive values they’ve ever seen rather recently. Because of this, while some of these cards could definitely fall back a bit, these should be a lot more solid than the average flavor of the week, suggesting that they will maintain more value than average from more sudden spikes. Wilds of Eldraine should start impacting the secondary market more as the digital clients begin to access MTG’s newest content.

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