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Why the New Tarmogoyf Art From Time Spiral Remastered Packaging is Not Featured in an MTG Card

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Ever wondered why the new Tarmogoyf key art for Time Spiral Remastered illustrated by Bree Heiss was not featured in any of the reprinted cards from the upcoming Magic: The Gathering remastered set? The original Future Sight Tarmogoyf art by Justin Murray is the one featured in the Time Spiral Remastered version of the Tarmogoyf card.

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This will be the first time Murray’s Tarmogoyf art is featured outside of the Future Sight frame.

When the Time Spiral Remastered booster box packaging was first revealed, fans were expecting that the set’s reprint of Tarmogoyf will feature this brand new art, but now that the entire set has been revealed, we now know that it’s just a key art that’s not meant to be featured in any MTG card.

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The Reasons Why The New Tarmogoyf Key Art Doesn’t Appear in Any Time Spiral Remastered Card

In the latest episode of Good Morning Magic!, Magic Senior Designer Gavin Verhey explains why key artworks like the new Tarmogoyf art for Time Spiral Remastered don’t end up printed in any card. He compares how the new Tarmogoyf art looks on the booster box and how it would look in a card frame. The dimensions used for key art are usually different from what they’re going for with the cards, and key art are commissioned earlier compared to art for the cards in the set. Finally, he explains that the purpose of key art is different from the purpose of card art. Key art found in packaging aims to communicate the overall theme of the set even though it doesn’t specifically fit to a an individual card in the set.

Watch the latest Good Morning Magic! episode below:

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Time Spiral Remastered
, the first-ever remastered set for tabletop Magic, is scheduled to release on March 19, 2021. You can check out the all the cards in the Time Spiral Remastered spoilers section.

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