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Why Did Cabal Coffers Get Reprinted as a Mythic In Modern Horizons 2? Twitter Reacts to Extreme Rarity Shift

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Article at a Glance

Wizards of the Coast has some explaining to do with Cabal Coffers. With Magic: the Gathering’s MH2 spoilers well underway, we finally get to see some sweet preview cards. And wow, they look epic! I’m not sure what the overall power level will be, but the set is stacked so far. Amidst all these previews, Magic: the Gathering will be reprinting Cabal Coffers at mythic rarity!


I’m trying to wrap my head around this rarity shift. Cabal Coffers was originally printed as an uncommon in Torment. It was also included in Planechase at the same rarity. It’s a land that taps for black mana. It works well with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, otherwise it is best in a mono-black deck. Right now, the card is selling for $100 thanks to huge demand in the Commander community and MTG Finance.


So why is a simple mana ramp uncommon being printed at mythic rarity? There’s only one reason the MTG community can think of, and that’s secondary market value.

Twitter Reactions to Rarity Shift

Here’s what Twitter had to say about the extreme rarity shift of Cabal Coffers in Modern Horizons 2.

On the other hand, some MTG players expressed their excitement that it was included in the set, regardless of rarity. Plus it will be a part of the Modern format now.

In summary:

To me, a rare upshift makes sense. But does this really deserve a mythic slot? Mythic rares were originally designed to be something that felt awesome. Cabal Coffers is a fast mana land. Does that qualify? I could imagine The World Tree as a mythic. Dark Depths makes a big splashy token. But Cabal Coffers? I’m hesitant to think so. If we imagine Cabal Coffers was selling on the secondary market for $10 instead of $100, would it make sense as a mythic in MH2? Likely not.


Pulling a Cabal Coffers is pretty awesome, in the sense that it will bring you $50 (according to pre-sellers). But you know what would be more awesome? Buying an uncommon land for a Commander deck for $10 instead of $50! Or how about getting one in a precon?

Imagine if Mishra’s Bauble, a rather pedestrian card selling for $40 a few years ago was upshifted to mythic rare from uncommon in Ultimate Masters, purely based on its secondary market price?


High-value cards make sense in the mythic slot; but, I would like to see rarity based on what makes sense for draft, what makes sense from an epic card perspective, and also what gives players the most access to cards in a reasonable way.

It seems like Magic: the Gathering will be getting more expensive to play in the years to come, as much-needed reprints are printed in low quantities.

MTG Finance has been pummeling the Commander community in the last few years, and it looks like buyouts are only going to accelerate if reprints like this continue! Better pick up what you need now. I suspect the format isn’t getting any cheaper.

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