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Who is the Most Powerful MTG Character Ever?

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Seeing The Brothers’ War in fruition throughout MTG’s most recent core set brought this question to my mind. Urza and Yawgmoth were some of the most powerful characters that MTG Lore has ever seen, but is there anyone who goes a step further? This question spun down a rabbit hole of scarce characters seen on the edges of MTG’s Lore, making it an incredibly difficult question to answer. Yawgmoth and Urza are definitely contendors for this title, but I want to present some characters who may not commonly be considered for contention of this illustrious title, who should definitely be in contention. Here are some characters that you may not have considered being the most powerful MTG character ever.


animatou, the fateshifter

Aminatou’s lore is quite shallow, but this Planeswalker’s power could easily outpace even the likes of Yawgmoth at full capacity. Aminatou has the ability to see fate and manipulate destiny, which basically allows her to conjure her will into existence. Theoretically, Aminatou could have theory crafted the entire current story arc purely for her enjoyment. She ignited her spark because she saw it happening in the future, and simply decided she didn’t want to wait.

The biggest thing holding Aminatou back from literally controlling everything is her disposition. Apparently, Aminatou is only eight years old and as such, is still quite childish. The limits of Aminatou’s power have also been very loosely defined, making different interpretations of canon and non-canon content make Aminatou’s potential power level fluctuate heavily. For example, Aminatou, apparently, can only influence the destiny of those touched by her intangible moths. That said, in a Magic BOOM! comic, one of her moths was tangibly burned. There are also sources stating that Aminatou cannot manipulate destiny, but can only influence it to her will.

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Commodore Guff

Commodore Guff was a very old Planeswalker and one of the Nine Titans who joined Urza in his war against Yawgmoth. Apparently, Guff would constantly break the fourth wall within the original Brothers’ War story. Found in a library full of books that even had knowledge of the future of the multiverse, Guff already knew how The Brothers’ War was supposed to end. Apparently, Yawgmoth was supposed to be the true winner of The Brothers’ War but, after Bo Levar discovered Guff’s knowledge related to this, he convinced Guff to rewrite the future and give Urza a chance. Interestingly, according to the MTG wiki, the existence of Guff was based on an MTG author named Scott McGough.

By many of the MTG community, Guff was considered to be the equivalent of a “Deus-Ex-Machina” sort of interference since the author appeared unable to think of a plausible way for Urza to beat Yawgmoth. This, arguably, could prove of Yawgmoth is the most powerful being in MTG’s Lore. For those interested in how Guff met his end, Yawgmoth’s death cloud form killed him in seconds, but not before Guff, theoretically, ended the entire Phyrexian invasion.

The Ur-Dragon

the ur-dragon

The Ur-Dragon is a bit strange since it isn’t exactly a tangible being. According to Blake Rasmussen and Alison Luhrs’ podcast regarding Dragons in the MTG story, the Ur-Dragon is an “enormous and immensely powerful Dragon Avatar. An entity from the dawn of time, it is the primordial essence of all Dragonkind in the Multiverse.”

The Ur-Dragon is a being that exists between planes, presumably spending the majority of its time in The Blind Eternities, while also having its wings expand over all planes. When it does visit planes, its wingbeats create terrifying storms that give birth to all dragonkind that currently exist in the MTG Lore. This includes some of the most powerful beings that currently exist in the Multiverse, like Nicol Bolas, Ugin, and all of their siblings and cousins.

Karona, False God

karona, false god

When reaching into age-old Reddit posts discussing this, Karona was the last character repetitively nominated as the most powerful character to ever exist in MTG Lore. Like Aminatou, the only reason that Karona literally didn’t control everything is because of her mentality. She had no idea what she was doing.

To explain Karona as a concept, she was the false god of Dominaria. Her existence alone disrupted mana across all of Dominaria and, when she Planeswalked away temporarily, to chat with various characters, all of the magic on the plane went with her. As for her powers, Karona is based on faith. Anything that anybody believes Karona can do is what she is capable of. If someone thought she was capable of ending the entirety of the Multiverse as we know it, for example, she could theoretically do just that. According to the MTG Wiki, Karona was apparently slain by Kamahl’s Soul Reaper. She did not exist for a very long period of time, but was reborn and killed once.

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