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Where to Find MTG Arena Jumpstart: Historic Horizons Previews

Another preview season? Couldn't be Wizards of the Coast.
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With Adventure in the Forgotten Realms release done and dusted, there’s now another preview season amongst us! Jumpstart: Historic Horizons is a dedicated MTG Arena-only set that hopes to change Historic in a huge way.

Since its implementation back in 2019, Historic has risen to become one of MTG’s most popular formats to play online. With a whopping 782 cards coming in Historic Horizons, there is sure to be a huge shake-up with a sleuth of new strategies born from when the set drops on Aug 12.

Remember to check out our dedicated Jumpstart: Historic Horizons preview gallery to keep up to date with the MTG Arena-exclusive set. Earlier today, Wizards of the Coast dropped the list of MTG creators, personalities, and outlets who will be showing off cards from Jumpstart: Historic Horizons.

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Preview Dates for Jumpstart: Historic Horizons

July 26

July 27

July 28

July 29

July 30

August 2

August 3

Despite there being 782 cards coming to Historic, the bulk of these cards will be pre-existing cards from sets such as Modern Horizons 1, Modern Horizons 2 and Core sets. With that, there will be 31 brand new cards that will be exclusive to Arena which is intended for the digital client only.

If you have played the original Jumpstart release on MTG Arena, you know to select from themed packets to build a deck to play. With Jumpstart: Historic Horizons, there’s the added dynamic to your packet by picking and deckbuilding: certain card slots in each packet have the chance to be filled with alternative cards that fit the packet theme. This means more card possibilities in each pack, and more variety for your decks every time you play.

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