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7, Sep, 23

When is the Next Arena Open?

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Nothing beats the thrill of competition, and the MTG Arena Open is as good as it gets when it comes to accessibility. Save up your coins and take a shot at winning up to $2,500… or at least it was. Thanks to major changes, the prize pool has been cut back. Now $2000 is the top prize in current times. Normally, this may be enough to have some players shouting curses to the heavens. However, it’s actually a good thing in this case.

With smaller monetary rewards comes an easier chance of winning them. The Arena Open in November of 2022, for instance, saw some changes implemented that make the dream of winning money playing Magic much easier to realize. Ironically, these prizes seem much more generous than current paper Magic tournaments. For now, that is a story for another time.

Now, without any more waffling on, let’s get right into all the important info. Here are all the details for the next Arena Open happening in September.

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When Is the Next MTG Arena Open?

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The next Arena Open is for Wilds of Eldraine and is scheduled to begin on Saturday the 16th of September. Following this, the event will also have Day Two on the 17th of September.

On Day One, the format will be Wilds of Eldraine Sealed, in either best-of-one or best-of-three. On Day Two, the format changes to Wilds of Eldraine Draft, only in best-of-three. Since the competitive reshaping announced last year by Wizards of the Coast, it seems that all Arena Open events from here on out are going to be Limited formats.

Notably, day two of the Arena Open became much easier back in 2022. Now, you’re able to have a single loss before your run is completely ended. As mentioned before, the downside of this change was that the top prize for the event was reduced significantly. For winning, the top prize available is now only $2000.

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What are MTG Arena Open Events?

The MTG Arena Open events are the best way for players of all abilities and experiences to try their hand at earning real-life money for their skills.

Each Arena Open takes place over two days. On day one you must reach four wins in a Best-of-Three match structure or seven wins in Best-of-One. It costs 25,000 Gold or 5,000 Gems for each entry attempt. If you get your wins, you gain entry to day two.

After earning your Day Two invitation, the competition gets a lot tougher. Not only does the format change to Draft but there are two separate events to win. In the first of these events, players need at least three wins in order to qualify for the Draft later in the day. If a player achieves four wins in Draft One, they receive a “double elimination” invitation token. This means they require two losses in Draft Two to be fully eliminated.

In Draft Two on Day Two, MTG Arena players are now playing for real money. This can be earned after achieving two or more wins. MTG Arena players who reach this milestone will also get a “Qualifier Weekend Invitation.” Should players not achieve two wins, they will be rewarded with a bounty of Gems instead.

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Wilds of Eldraine Arena Open Rewards

Here’s a rundown of the prize structure for the Wilds of Eldraine Arena Open tournament:

Wilds of Eldraine Arena Open Day One Rewards

Wins (Best-of-One)Rewards (Best-of-One)Rewards (Best-of-Three)
1No Rewards1,500
2No Rewards3,000
3No Rewards5,000
4No Rewards6000 Gems + Day 2 Invitation Token
75,000 Gems + Day 2 Invitation TokenN/A

Wilds of Eldraine Arena Open Day Two Draft One Rewards

0500 Gems
11,500 Gems
22,500 Gems
3Draft Two Invitation Token (Single Elimination)
4Draft Two Invitation Token (Double Elimination)

Wilds of Eldraine Arena Open Day Two Draft Two Rewards

05,000 Gems
115,000 Gems
2$500 + October Qualifier Weekend Invitation
3$1,000 + October Qualifier Weekend Invitation
4$2,000 + October Qualifier Weekend Invitation

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