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What is a Blood Token in Magic: The Gathering?

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As we learn more about the amazing new cards and mechanics that Innistrad: Crimson Vow will bring us, we have been introduced to the Blood Token. This brand new token enters the game and will play a pivotal role in Vampire decks.

Their presence so far is quite limited with the spoilers that are available but that doesn’t mean it’s not a vital part of the game! Let us take you through the new mechanic and what it offers you and even how to get the best out of them!

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What is a Blood Token?

A Blood Token – at face value – is simply a card that enables you to draw a card at the cost of one colorless mana and the discarding of another card. This kind of mechanic is nothing new but typically it’s done through rule text on instants, sorceries or creatures.

It may appear to hold little value but when you look past its meagre appearance you’ll see it has uses beyond what’s written on the card.

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How to Use Them

You’re going to most commonly be dealing with the Blood Tokens when playing a Vampire deck. There are two primary cards that utilise the token; Anje, Maid of Dishonor and Strefan, Maurer Progenitor.

Each has the ability to create a Blood Token and use them. Anje can leach life from opponents while Strefan can call in reinforcements directly from your hand. In both cases, it’s worth building up a little army of tokens to use when you see fit.

Pair this with a land card like Voldaren Estate that can also create a Blood Token and you can do some serious damage as games progress.

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