18, Aug, 21

We Should Get Parasitic Booster Sets

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Some mechanics need revisiting, but don't really fit anywhere, so here's our solution to the problem.
Article at a Glance

Now, before we even get into this, we’re sorry for suggesting there should be more MTG products, genuinely. It’s not something we do lightly, and while we don’t think anyone from Wizards is actually checking in on these pieces for ideas (hello there, just in case), we want to make it clear that there’s a lot of Magic these days.

With that little disclaimer out of the way, we want to talk about parasitic mechanics, why we love them, and why we think we deserve to revisit the best ones every so often, mostly for Commander players looking to upgrade older decks.

What is a parasitic mechanic?

So, first of all, what is a parasitic mechanic? Well, these are the mechanics that you could describe as being gimmicks of any given set. They’re the mechanics that don’t interact with MTG as a whole, but may well define any given set.

We’re talking about things like Energy from Kaladesh or Dungeons from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. These are the mechanics that probably come to mind when you’re thinking about a set, but also generally longing for because they can’t really appear on any other plane.

They’re often a lot of fun, and while some are considered a bit broken, they can also form the basis for some amazing Commander decks. However, they’re also often the Commander decks that can’t really get updated, because there’s no guarantee we’ll get those mechanics again even if we do go back to the plane.

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What are we proposing?

So, with that in mind, here’s what we’re thinking. You all remember Conspiracy, and how that used to big a big deal. Well, what if we got another supplemental set that didn’t go into Modern, but one filled with the parasitic mechanics that don’t fit anywhere else from planes we haven’t seen in ages.

You could make sure that different color pairings had different mechanics, which would be great for drafts, and you could also plop in Legendary Creatures that fill in any needed niches for these parasitic designs, like an Esper dungeon Commander, for example.

It also means we get more of these cards without having to warp standard or force our way back into planes that simply don’t make sense from a lore perspective. It’s just a simpler way of doing things, and it fills a few needs we all have.

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Why is this a good idea?

Because we said so.

Also though, it saves a lot of hassle on story design, gives new tools for Commander, and makes more money. Wizards like making money, that’s the whole point of being a business, so give us the chance to give you more money by fulfilling this very specific request we’ve come up with.

We know this is a bit of an odd one, but we also think it makes a lot of sense from both a Commander perspective and also a fun Draft set perspective. Magic players tend to be pretty nostalgic for how things were when they first started playing, and a set like this not only feeds into it, but allows players to revisit their favorite mechanics in a really cool way.

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