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Upcoming MTG Stream Revealing 3 NEW Sets Sooner Than Expected

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Wizards of the Coast is on a roll when it comes to releasing new sets! We’ve just seen the Teaser Post from Mark Rosewater about Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate. But not long after that post went up, we got a new announcement from WotC about some more new products coming up!

Count’em 3!

The announcement came in the form of a tweet from the official Magic Twitter account.

Wizards of the Coast

That’s right! On this week’s WeeklyMTG stream, we’re going to be getting a sneak peak at not one, not two, but Three of Magic’s upcoming sets.

First up is Double Masters 2022. This is a sequel to the wildly popular Double Masters that was released back in 2020. This set didn’t focus on any one format, and had a smattering of powerful cards from across the game’s history. It also had more cards in the packs and notably contained 2 rares / mythics in each pack.

The second is Dominaria United. This is the 3rd Standard legal set slated for 2022, and is a return to the plane of Dominaria. While not much is known about this, we do see in the presented artwork 3 familiar faces. Karn, Jodah, and Shanna seem to be main characters of the set, which is a very cool change to the original Weatherlight Crew.

The last thing we’re going to see is the Universes Beyond crossover with Warhammer 40K. This will take the form of 4 Commander Decks that will have new art, new mechanically unique cards, as well as reprints of existing cards, all themed around Warhammer.

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We expect that we’ll probably see some key art from these three sets, but hopefully we’ll also get some cards to go along with it to build some hype! Be sure to stay tuned as we’ll be bringing you all the details!

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