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Most Expensive Lord of the Rings Commander Deck Reprints!

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The new Lord of the Rings Commander decks have come with a lot of hype, and rightfully so. From massive Avatars to crafty Humans, there are tons of new Commander cards to play with. From a financial standpoint, these Commander decks did more than just print new toys to sink your teeth into. Lots of great reprints are featured in these preconstructed Commander decks. Today we will be focusing on the most expensive Lord of the Rings Commander deck reprints.

Notably, prices will be taken from TCGPlayer’s market price. We will also be using the lowest price available among all of each cards’ previous printings to try to give the most accurate representation possible. With that out of the way, here are the most expensive Lord of the Rings Commander deck Reprints!

Honorable Mentions: Birds of Paradise: $6

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise is a classic fan favorite. For anyone who has played Modern over the years, the phrase “Bolt the Bird” may sound familiar. It showcases how impactful having a Creature that taps for mana on the first turn can be to developing you gameplan. Birds has seen tons of reprints since its initial printing in Alpha, so its price has largely settled at about $6. Still, it’s a nice reprint to have, especially with its new artwork!

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Lightning Greaves: $8

Lightning Greaves

Lightning Greaves has been a Commander staple for years. With an equip cost of zero mana, Greaves is the perfect way to protect your Commander from your opponents’ removal spells. Lightning Greaves also gives the equipped Creature Haste, which pairs nicely with large Commanders that have a good chance of reaching the Commander damage threshold. Much like Birds of Paradise, Lightning Greaves has been reprinted lots of times, especially in previous Commander sets. Being one of the most desirable Artifacts for Commander though, it’s no surprise it is being reprinted again.

#6 Treasure Nabber: $10

Treasure Nabber

Debuting in Commander 2018, Treasure Nabber is getting its first reprint half a decade later. As the name implies, Treasure Nabber is a great tool for punishing your opponents for playing lots of mana-producing Artifacts. Every time any of your opponents tap an artifact for mana, you get to steal it to use during your next turn. In a format dominated by Sol Ring and other mana rocks, this card can be extremely frustrating to see on the other side of the board. It’s nice to see this card finally get a reprint, and with new art to boot! Expect this card to go down a little in price getting its first reprint.

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#5 Scourge of the Throne: $12

Scourge of the Throne

Scourge of the Throne was originally printed in Conspiracy, a unique set with new mechanics designed for a multiplayer experience. Scourge of the Throne is a large Dragon with a big incentive to attack the player with the highest life total. This is an interesting effect in a format like Commander where life totals are constantly changing. This card dictates a lot about how people approach combat, as each player wants to avoid getting hit by the large Dragon. Outside of Conspiracy, this card only saw a reprint in Mystery Boosters, so it’s a great card to see get reprinted.

#4 Combat Celebrant: $13

Combat Celebrant

Combat Celebrant is finally getting a much-needed reprint after premiering in Amonkhet. Sitting at $13 currently, this should help lower the price a fair amount. Combat Celebrant on the surface looks fairly anemic. You can Exert it when it attacks to get an additional combat phase and untap your other Creatures, but at one toughness, this Creature is difficult to send into combat. However, this card has lots of combo potential, especially in Commander.

For example, when pairing this with Kiki-Jiki, the Mirror-Breaker and using Kiki-Jiki to make a token copy of Combat Celebrant, you can attack and exert the token copy, untapping Kiki-Jiki, and repeat this process to get infinite combat phases. Combat Celebrant is easily exploitable in a lot of ways in Commander, and getting reprinted should help make the card more affordable.

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#3 Reanimate: $15


Reanimate saw a notable reprint in Ultimate Masters and is in relatively high demand thanks to its efficiency for the effect it gives. Therefore, it likely won’t drop too much in price. Even still, Reanimate is an excellent Commander card, and it’s great to see it reprinted specifically in the Hosts of Mordor Commander deck centered around a Reanimation theme and big Creatures. Reanimate allows you to return a Creature from a graveyard to play for only one mana. While it does cost life equal to the Creature’s mana value, in Commander when you start at 40 life, this is much less of a cost. Reanimate is an elite card for this strategy, so seeing it reprinted here is great.

#2 Heroic Intervention: $17

Heroic Intervention

Heroic Intervention has Commander written all over it. In a format where lots of players play board wipes as a reset mechanism against Creature decks, being able to protect your Creatures for only two mana is a big deal. Not only that, but you can also pair this with your own board wipes to keep your board intact while dismantling each of your opponents’ boards. Notably, Heroic Intervention protects all of your permanents, so pairing this with cards like Armageddon can be game ending. This card is excellent for Commander at any power level, and it gets a well-deserved reprint.

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#1 Toxic Deluge: $17

Toxic Deluge

Toxic Deluge is another great Commander staple to see reprinted. While it was reprinted in both Eternal Masters and Double Masters, it was not reprinted in any main Commander set. Similar to Reanimate, this card gets better in a 40-life format where paying life for the card’s effect is not as big of a downside. Both Reanimate and Toxic Deluge are also super efficient for what they do. Toxic Deluge functions similarly to a board wipe for only three mana, but gives you the luxury to choose how it effects everyone.

If you have the biggest Creatures on the board, you can pay less life to get rid of your opponents’ Creatures and keep some of your own. Toxic Deluge also has the benefit of getting around cards like Heroic Intervention by simply reducing each Creature’s power and toughness until end of turn. Toxic Deluge and Heroic Intervention are quite powerful, currently representing the most expensive Lord of the Rings Commander deck reprints.

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