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10, Jan, 23

U.S. Politician Revealed to Have Thousands in Rare MTG Product!

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It has become incredibly apparent that the Magic: the Gathering community loves discovering famous people who participate in the world’s largest trading card game. Post Malone was welcomed by many with open arms and is now, generally, the first person that many in the community think of in regard to attaining rare, expensive cards. Recently, during an interview, U.S. politician Lucus Kunce was captured twice being interviewed with some expensive MTG product hanging out in the background.

Some of the Rarest MTG Product Ever

Lucas Kunce has recently announced his intentions to challenge the current senator of Missouri, Josh Hawley, following a rather controversial event that occurred a year ago.

In a recent interview on MSNBC, Lucas Kunce discussed his reasons for running against Hawley in 2024. However, the multiple uncut sheets captured in the background over numerous interviews attracted the attention of the MTG community. Notably, these have been captured over the years during discussions with Kunce regarding his campaigns. Still, his most recent round of interviews early this year following his announcement to run against Hawley brought those back to light for the MTG community.

What is an MTG Uncut Sheet?

Generally, it’s pretty difficult to find an uncut sheet of any MTG set on a store shelf. MTG uncut sheets are how a sheet of cards appears at the printing press before they are cut. As a result, players can generally only find these at special events.

Perhaps the most common uncut sheet you will find currently is the Rare and Mythic Rare foil uncut sheet from War of the Spark.

Long story short, these were received by many in the MTG community as an apology for an exclusive sale going sideways. The War of the Spark Mythic Edition was incredibly valuable at the time it was announced, and the entire MTG world wanted to get their hands on it… resulting in the product selling out in minutes. During this event, a second wave of products was sold – for which there was no supply. As an apology, Wizards of the Coast sent out these uncut sheets with a refund to those who were affected by this. As a result, these uncut sheets tend to go for a lot less than most uncut sheets do – only a couple hundred dollars. The same, however, cannot be said for the uncut sheets captured on Lucas Kunce’s wall.

Some of The Most Expensive Sets in History

After popping up all over MTG Reddit for the scarce MTG sheets on Kunce’s walls, Redditors were quick to point out that we’ve actually seen multiple different sheets between Kunce’s interviews, all of which are pretty expensive.

The sheet in the first picture that made MTG community headlines is from Antiquities. Released back in 1994, many of the MTG cards in this set, understandably, have a pretty hefty price. The most expensive card in the set is Mishra’s Workshop, which goes for more than $3000 in good condition.

The specific uncut sheet captured on Kane’s wall is an Uncommon one. These are incredibly rare, so it’s difficult to find instances of them selling in recent times. That said, the price is likely to be in the thousands.

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MTG Beta Sheet?

While many first thought that Kunce’s Beta sheet was a common one in the background, there seems to be some confusion as to what this really is. Other Redditors are claiming that this still may be a rare MTG product, just not the one we think it is:

“The beta one is a poster. Came out in the 90s, wasn’t popular. It’s the visual gallery. The antiquities one is an uncut sheet.” – StealthSBD

The biggest tip to this, apparently, is the lack of words on the MTG cards in this picture. As pointed out by Redditor ingenious_gentleman, however, it’s a bit difficult to figure out whether or not they have no words when using “a grainy picture of a tv that is extremely zoomed out.”

Whether or not this is an uncut sheet or a vintage poster, it’s pretty difficult to figure out how expensive a Common Beta sheet is. The general range, however, speculated in this Reddit post, was “Less than a house but more than a car seems to be the approximate value based on some quick googling.” – Swords_and_Such

Welcome to the Fandom!

When asked for more information, Kunce revealed yet another uncut sheet! This is not from Alpha, Beta, or Unlimited but does possess white-bordered Dual Lands. These are largely considered the best lands in the game and are also a huge indicator of a big MTG fan. MTG players love discovering personalities that play the game, and this was no exception.

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