displacer kitten
2, Jun, 22

Top Five MTG Baldur's Gate Singles to Buy

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Baldur’s Gate spoilers are out! There are some absolutely fantastic cards that can up the power level of your commander decks, but they may be hidden among the massive amount of cards being released. Between Commander decks and a core set, its easy for a few cards to slip through the cracks. There’s even some all-starts that threaten to make an impact on eternal formats like Legacy and Vintage. Note that this list will not take into account some of the amazing reprints that are being featured in Baldur’s Gate. What are the top five Baldur’s Gate singles that we think you should watch out for? Take a look:

5. Ancient Copper Dragon

Ancient Copper Dragon

This card does a very good Old Gnawbone impression. Last week, we predicted that Ancient Copper Dragon would meet Old Gnawbone‘s price point, and our prediction came true. Did you get yours before the price spike?

This card has a hefty price for a good reason. Ancient Copper Dragon has the potential to create a ton of treasure tokens. Whenever you attack, roll a D20. Ancient Copper Dragon gives you that many treasure tokens. That means that the Dragon creates 10 treasure tokens on average whenever it attacks someone, but has the potential to create 20. This card, therefore, threatens to do a lot more on its own than what Old Gnawbone can do. Old Gnawbone does scale harder in an advantaged state, but there isn’t any reason why you can’t play both together.

4. Displacer Kitten

displacer kitten

Do you like enter the battlefield triggers? How about flickering your cards to make them go off multiple times? Displacer Kitten is an amazing flicker package that rewards you for having permanents that care about entering the battlefield. This may be the one of the scariest MTG Baldur’s Gate singles in the sense of it just taking over an entire game.

Cast a noncreature spell and have Displacer Kitten flicker any nonland permanent you control. There are some absolutely absurd things that Displacer Kitten can do, like flicker an Agent of Treachery multiple times. The most obvious among these is probably to flicker Dockside Extortionist a bunch of times to create treasure tokens. Your strategy could be to run a bunch of cantrip spells and have Displacer Kitten Flicker Dockside Extortionist each time. This would give you mana to keep casting draw spells, flickering Dockside Extortionist repetitively. Displacer Kitten isn’t limited to just creatures. You can also flicker things like Elspeth Conquers Death or other sagas to reset the modes on them. Playing with The Kami War? You can exile the creature side of it and make it come back as an enchantment all over again.

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3. Deep Gnome Terramancer

Deep Gnome Terramancer
Deep Gnome Terramancer is getting a lot of hype from the community at large as an example of Wizards of the Coast trying to beef up white as a relevant color in Commander. This card is being used as an example for a reason.

Deep Gnome Terramancer wants your opponents to ramp. Whenever your opponent has a land enter the battlefield, if it wasn’t played, you get to go find a Plains. The ‘wasn’t played’ clause refers to your opponent playing a land normally from their hand. This will trigger with things like Cultivate, Rampant Growth or Fetch Lands, but will not trigger on playing an extra land per turn abilities like Oracle of Mul Daya.

Nowhere in Deep Gnome Terramancer‘s card text does it suggest that the Plains that you search as to be a basic one. This ability can also look for things like the new Triome lands from Streets of New Capenna? Why find a tapped Plains when you can just find Jetmir’s Garden?

In order to stop this card from being absolutely ludicrous, there is a once per turn clause on it. It still has flash, ensuring that it gets some value. Deep Gnome Terramancer may only be able to trigger once per turn, but it can trigger multiple times in a turn cycle. Just hope each of your opponents all want to search for lands, then untap with three extra!

2. Aboleth Spawn

aboleth spawn
Aboleth Spawn is an incredibly unique new creature being introduced in the Mind Flayarrrs Commander deck. If you’re not interested in picking the whole deck up the whole thing, this is a great MTG Baldur’s gate singles to buy.

Aboleth Spawn enters the battlefield and copies other creature’s enter the battlefield abilities. The fancy wording on the creature is just to make sure that the creature’s ETB ability is the only thing that it copies, and not all the other things that may be triggered on an opponent’s board by that creature entering.

What makes this card absurd is that it’s not a one time thing. Aboleth Spawn will keep copying all of your opponent’s creature’s ETB effects until someone deals with it. Coming in at instant speed also ensures that your Aboleth Spawn will get some value before it draws removal from the entire table. This is a kill-on-sight creature in a game of Commander.

1. Archivist of Oghma

archivist of oghma

We’ve talked a lot about this card before. Repetition can help you remember, and we’re hoping that the hype around this card is going to be taken away from our list. Archivist of Oghma is definitely one of the most important MTG Baldur’s Gate Singles to purchase. It’s already sporting a high price, but it looks fantastic in EDH, CEDH, and Legacy. Drawing a card for each library search is such a powerful effect for a two mana instant speed creature. This will trigger off of tutors, which are a Commander mainstay, and fetch lands, which are popular in all three of these formats and any other ability that may cause them to search their library. This even includes any ramp spell that goes into your library to find lands, like Rampant Growth or Myriad Landscape. There’s a ton of things that Archivist of Oghma can trigger off of, ensuring that this card will make your opponents think twice before searching their library.

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