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Top 5 MTG Most Expensive Outlaws of Thunder Junction Breaking News Cards!

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Article at a Glance

Following along with the new MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction set is a bit more confusing than normal. For the first time in MTG history, there are two Bonus Sheets releasing alongside Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Of course, this was not Wizards of the Coast’s original intention. This only happened because of how poorly the first shot at the Epilogue products was received. An entire Epilogue set was relegated to a second Bonus Sheet as a result. While this certainly makes things more confusing, its also likely a better alternative.

At the time of writing, we haven’t quite seen everything that the Big Score Bonus Sheet has to offer. We do, however, know exactly what’s coming on the Breaking News Bonus Sheet.

The Breaking News Bonus Sheet highlights powerful spells through Magic’s history that Commit Crimes. Committing a Crime is a new mechanic that is rather widely encompassing, allowing for all kinds of shenanigans to see a reprint. Notably these cards will also have a rarer Textured Foil variant available in Collector Booster packs.

Some of these reprints are particularly pricy. In fact, a direly needed $75 reprint was recently confirmed to appear on the Breaking News Bonus Sheet. With tons of heavy hitting reprints up for grabs, some players may be curious as to exactly what expensive goodies they can find on the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Bonus Sheet.

Here are the most expensive Outlaws of Thunder Junction Breaking News cards as of April 3rd, 2024. We’ll be using the cheapest available price at the time of writing on TCGplayer to provide these card prices. This means we will be ignoring premium variants for individual cards.



When players think of Committing a Crime with powerful MTG cards that they would want to play anyway, Thoughtseize is definitely one of the cards that many would think of first. This card has been a premium threat since its inception. Ripping an opponent’s card out of their hand is generally well worth one mana and two life.

Thoughtseize sees play in just about every format its legal in – outside of Commander. Pioneer, Modern, Legacy and even digital-only MTG Arena formats love to abuse this card.

While the card generally only demands about a $12-13 price tag, we don’t expect this reprinting to affect its overall price too much. Thoughtseize is a rather easily accessible card already, but there is a ton of demand for it thanks to it being playable in multiple formats.


Grindstone is part of a terrifying two-card combo that is particularly popular in the Legacy format. Combine this with Painter’s Servant to mill your opponent’s entire library in one go! Painter’s Servant makes sure all of the colors of your opponent’s cards are the same, which allows Grindstone to mill them out with one activation.

Similar to the current most expensive reprint on the Breaking News Bonus Sheet, Grindstone’s secondary market price is somewhat related to scarcity. While this card has had a handful of printings, none of those are easily accessible. As a result, this reprinting of Grindstone may cause the secondary market value of it to plummet because of a big boost in accessibility.

For now, players can find cheaper copies of Grindstone for $20, which is already a steep discount.

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Force of Vigor

Force of Vigor is a rather popular Modern legal hate piece. This is thanks to its free alternate casting cost that allows players to pitch a green card from their hand instead of paying four mana. This card is particularly powerful in decks that need to clear hate pieces like Chalice of the Void and Leyline of the Void off the board to enable their game plans.

Force of Vigor doesn’t see much play in Commander, but sees massive competitive play in any format that its legal. Modern, Legacy and Vintage all commonly see Force of Vigor. While the card is mainly used as a sideboard option to deal with hate pieces for individual strategies, the card can also be meta dependent. Urza’s Saga decks get particularly blown out by this card, and the card is all over the Vintage format.

Despite seeing a recent List reprint, Force of Vigor still commands about $20 on the secondary market. That said, this reprint appears to be plummeting the price of the card significantly across printings, so that price is unlikely to stand for long.

Mana Drain

Mana Drain

While Mana Drain is not the most expensive reprint on the Breaking News Bonus Sheet right now, it’s likely to become the most expensive one once supply gets into the market.

This absurd counterspell is incredibly popular in Commander formats. Able to turn an opponent’s spell into a one-time burst of mana for you, Mana Drain can provide a devastating tempo swing to your Commander games. Even countering a smaller spell makes Mana Drain worth it, but if you manage to counter something like Kozilek, Butcher of Truth with it, the mana gained can put you in a game winning position.

Early copies of this Mana Drain are going for about $50, which is a slight discount from the $55 market average across cheaper variants. That said, some copies of this card are already starting to sell for $46.

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Mindbreak Trap

In addition to Mindbreak Trap being the most expensive reprint on the Breaking News Bonus Sheet, it’s also one of the most direly needed MTG reprints period.

Long story short, the most effective reprints that Magic can provide are for cards that have huge secondary market values thanks to an abundance of scarcity. Mindbreak Trap does see play in Vintage and Legacy sideboards, as well as cEDH, but that level of play generally doesn’t justify a $75 price tag. That is instead thanks to the fact that Mindbreak Trap has one Mythic Rare printing from almost 15 years ago, and that there is marginal demand for the card.

While this is the most expensive reprint at the time of writing, expect this reprint to drop the price of Mindbreak trap a fair bit.

Don’t Miss Out on the Other Amazing Reprints!

While we have listed the five most expensive Breaking News Bonus Sheet cards for Outlaws of Thunder Junction, a ton of powerful reprints remain available for players to find. Leyline Binding, Oko, Thief of Crowns, and Mindslaver are all examples of some powerful reprints that did not make this list, but will be on the Bonus Sheet. Playing with an Oko, Thief of Crowns at a Thunder Junction prerelease seems particularly terrifying. This card can easily translate to a ‘win the game’ button for three mana in a majority of situations.

All in all, this Breaking News Bonus Sheet looks absolutely fantastic. A ton of powerful, and valuable, cards are getting a shiny new reprint. Sure, some of these cards are going to lose a lot of value, but that means that the reprints were desperately needed.

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