Smothering Tithe
7, Jan, 23

Top 10 MTG Best White Ramp Cards in Commander

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Article at a Glance

Ramp cards in Magic: the Gathering accelerates your ability to produce mana.  Maybe they put lands into play, perhaps they’re creatures which can be tapped for mana, or maybe they generate a lot of treasure tokens.

Whatever the case, when we think of ramp effects, we usually think of Green. The term is named after the card Rampant Growth. Although that card is not typically run in Commander, ramp cards like Sakura-Tribe Elder, Cultivate, and Kodama’s Reach are auto-includes in green decks.

Green isn’t the only color that can ramp, however. White has also received a variety of powerful ramp effects, especially in recent years.  Here are ten White ramp cards that you can slot into your commander decks.

10. Monologue Tax

Monologue Tax

Though some cards higher up the list leave Monologue Tax in the dust, it’s still a decent budget option for white players looking to accelerate their mana. It will hopefully activate at least once or twice in the time between the end of your current turn and the start of your next one, netting you a few treasures.

9. Knight of the White Orchid

Knight of the White Orchid

Knight of the White Orchid is the first card on this list which demonstrates that white is the “catch-up ramp” color.  In order to ensure that Green remains the pre-eminent ramping color, Wizards of the Coast gives many of White’s ramp cards the limitation that they only work if an opponent controls more lands than you. Even with this limitation in mind, Knight of the White Orchid is still a decent two drop which can sometimes grab you a land.

8. Boreas Charger

Boreas Charger

As a 2/1 flyer for three mana, Boreas Charger can swing in for some early game aerial damage against opponents without flying blockers. Later in the game, the charger can also block a flier coming at you and fetch you a few plains on its way out. A useful little steed, especially if it ends up grabbing you more than one land.

7. Kor Cartographer

Kor Cartographer

This card is just a straight up ramp effect, no need to “catch up” here.

Kor Cartographer is most directly comparable to Solemn Simulacrum, and the two cards fulfil very similar roles. This card loses a few points for not drawing you a card on death, like the sad robot, it offers other advantages. Notably, unlike Solemn Simulacrum, Kor Cartographer isn’t restricted to getting you basic lands. The cartographer can grab you shock lands or triomes as long as they have the word “plains” in their typeline.

6. Keeper of the Accord

Keeper of the Accord

Keeper of the Accord not only helps you ramp, but also helps you churn out creatures. At the end of each opponents turn, the keeper checks to see if they have more creatures or more lands than you. If they’ve got more creatures, you get a free 1/1 soldier, and if they have more lands, you get a free plains. Another catch up card, but a versatile one that can give you creatures as well as lands.

5. Deep Gnome Terramancer

Deep Gnome Terramancer

Deep Gnome Terramancer is a very sneaky card.  He offers you the opportunity to punish an opponent for trying to ramp.  If someone uses a copy of Wood Elves to fetch a forest, just flash Deep Gnome Terramancer out, and you’ll be ramping alongside them.

4. Smuggler’s Share

Smuggler's Share

White’s struggles with card draw are infamous at this point. Smuggler’s Share offers a solution to this which also helps you ramp. Smuggler’s Share benefits you if an opponent draws too many cards in a turn and if they play too many lands. Smuggler’s Share is a nice demonstration that White is Magic’s rule-setting color, which punishes opponents for trying to sneak ahead.

3. Archaeomancer’s Map

Archaeomancer's Map

Fetching two plains for three mana is a pretty decent effect. Allowing you to play those plains if any opponent develops a high land count is what puts this card on the map.  Although undoubtedly a catch-up card, Archaeomancer’s Map still offers a useful effect even if no opponent has ramped out miles ahead of everyone else.

2. Battle Angels of Tyr

Battle Angels of Tyr

Battle Angels of Tyr takes the idea of White being the “catch-up color” and runs (or rather flies) with it. If the Angels hit the player with the most cards in their hand, you draw a card; if they hit the player with the most lands, you make a treasure; if they hit the player with the most life, then you gain three life.  Since the angels duplicate themselves with Myriad whenever they attack, just as long as you aren’t the player with the most life, cards in hand, and lands, you’ll likely be getting some benefit from them.

1. Smothering Tithe

Smothering Tithe

The best white ramp spell in the game, and it isn’t even close. Designer Mark Rosewater has stated that he regrets the design of this card and its place in the color pie. He wrote on his blog that it is a: “a strong bend we shouldn’t have made.”. A take on the card, Rhystic Study, Smothering Tithe generates a treasure token whenever any opponent draws a card unless they pay a two mana tax.  Smothering Tithe is quite pricey financially, but if you can afford one, it’s easily White’s best ramping option.

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