5, Jan, 22

*UPDATED* This MTG Deck Box is the Coolest One Ever - Kickstarter!

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*UPDATE* 1/5/2021

The studio behind this project provided us with some more great information about this box! Unnatural 20 Art, the Studio behind this awesome deck box has launched a Kickstarter for these boxes! They’ve already received almost $3500 towards the project which is awesome to see! If you want to back the studio, head over to the Kickstarter!

One accessory that is often overlooked, under appreciated but critical to any card game is the deck box. Having something to carry our cards in and protect our decks is a very important thing. There are a variety of them, from little plastic top loader boxes, all the way up to hard shell, felt interior ones. Rarely do we ever see someone make their own.

Imperial_Fist_Bumps on Reddit

Redditor Imperial_Fist_Bumps posted up today a very spells Mimic deck box that they created! They state in their post that this was the first box they made. It was mocked up in Blender, and then was 3D printed and painted by hand. There will be more deck boxes to come, which will have different themes to them as well. We can see it looks like this box is able to hold a commander deck and has a handy dice compartment in the bottom as well that’s magnetic.

What’s really striking here is the amount of detail that was went into this box. From the grooves in the teeth, to the wood grain of the box, it’s truly a stunning piece of art. We can’t wait to see what other kinds of boxes Fist_Bumps makes in the future.

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If you dig this, definitely head over to the Reddit post, and show this project some love! It definitely makes us want to give something like this a try! Has anyone else made their own deck box like this? If so, show it off in the comments!

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