3, Jan, 22

This Legendary Creature Should Be In Every Green And Blue Deck

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Just get more out of your deck with this one creature. Thank us later.
Article at a Glance

Have you recently committed to building yourself a new Simic deck? Maybe you’re newer to the game of MTG and you would call it Quandrix, we’re not angry with you if that’s the case. The main thing here, is that you’re on the cusp, or maybe you’ve already taken the plunge, and you’ve got yourself a fancy new green and blue deck.

The color combination is a powerhouse in Commander too. With a mix of counters, instant-speed spells, and constantly improving creatures, you’d be foolish to underestimate any Simic deck. However, if you’ve not put much time in with the color in EDH, then you may well have mistakenly excluded one very important card.

Craft those eternities

Rashmi, Eternities Crafter, is a four-mana green and blue 2/3. They read, “Whenever you cast your first spell each turn, reveal the top card of your library. You may cast it without paying its mana cost if it’s a spell with lesser mana value. If you don’t cast it, put it into your hand.” In short, every time you cast a spell for the first time, in any turn, you get to either cast the top card of your library for free, or draw it.

In other colors, it might be hard to make the most of this card, but in green and blue, your ability to cast spells in your opponents turns is nearly unparalleled. You’ve got instant speed draw spells, counterspells, and combat tricks. You’ve even got obnoxious spells like Chord of Calling to rely on as well, which will not only probably let you play a spell for free, but then also the creature you fetch up too.

Then you’ve got all of the creatures with flash to include too. Your ability to make the most of this seemingly singular trigger multiple times in a round is something that can nearly double your mana as you choose. It allows for absurd plays, and it all needs is a reliable way to control what’s at the top of your deck, and we’re sure you’ve got a few of those lying around.

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