13, Jul, 21

This Fact About Commander Decks Weirded Us Out

It turns out that Wizards seem to have to really dislike certain color combinations when it comes to the Commander precons.
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If you’ve been keeping up with the new Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander decklist reveals over the weekend, then you may well have already seen this, but a lot of people will have just looked at the Wizards page for the decklists instead, and you’re missing out.

Now, we enjoyed all of the decklist reveals, but one, in particular, had us frantically googling things almost immediately. We are, of course, talking about the reveal of Draconic Rage from the talented Loading Ready Run lot.

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Say no to Gruul, kids

The fact in question is one that Graham kicked off with immediately, and it’s that there’s never been a Gruul deck amongst any of the 50+ Commander precons we’ve had so far. You can go over to your search engine of choice here to check that fact out, but it’s true.

Despite the fact that we’ve had so many decks, the color combination of just Green and Red has never happened. We’ve had just about every other color combined with the two, but never just a Gruul deck. Of course, that’s no longer the case, because we’ve now all got the chance to buy Draconic Rage, a deck led by Vrondiss, Rage of Ancients.

You can watch the Loading Ready Run video for the full breakdown of the deck, and while we do like the deck overall, it still feels as though it lacks a bit of punch when compared to the others ones in the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms series. We’re fine with that, but the full decklist hasn’t done much to change our opinions on which of the four face commanders is actually the best. Also, if you’re too young to understand why Graham was talking about Vrondiss being a man, but a dragon, please meet Trogdor.

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