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27, May, 22

This Baldur's Gate 2-Card Combo Will END Games

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The release of Baldur’s Gate is right around the corner. Spoilers are still being released, and man they do not disappoint. Among them, a new cycle of dragons that roll D20’s whenever they manage to hit an opponent have been spoiled. All of these cards are capable at ending a game whenever they connect with an opponent. One two-card combo will literally end a game outright, as long as you don’t get an incredibly unlucky roll. We’re featuring Ancient Gold Dragon

Ancient Gold Dragon

ancient gold dragon

Enter Ancient Gold Dragon. This 7/10 behemoth creates a number of 1/1 blue Faerie Dragon creature tokens equal to the number on the rolled D20 whenever it hits an opponent. In comparison to what the other D20 dragons are doing, this is pretty mediocre on its own. I would prefer to create a bunch of treasure tokens myself. With a seven mana investment, I want to make sure that what I’m getting is going to be glorious.

As a small bonus, this card is retailing for only $10 at the moment.

Dragon Tempest

mtg dragon tempest

Dragon Tempest is the other half of this two card combo. It comes in cheap for just two mana, and gives our flying creatures haste. This means that the turn we cast Ancient Gold Dragon is the turn that we can try to win the game.

Because the tokens that Ancient Gold Dragon creates are dragons themselves, they will trigger Dragon Tempest’s second ability. This stacks exponentially based on your role, so here are some sample calculations to help:

If you roll a five with Ancient Gold Dragon, this will create five tokens at the same time. This will trigger Dragon Tempest five times dealing six damage per trigger for 30 Damage total (assuming that no other dragons except for the Ancient Gold Dragon and the tokens it creates are under your control).

If you roll a 10 with Ancient Gold Dragon, this will create ten tokens at the same time. This will trigger Dragon Tempest 10 times for 11 damage each for 110 damage total!

Assuming that all your opponents are at full health in a game of Commander, which is really unlikely by the time this combo goes off, you need to roll an 11 or higher to end the game. Generally you will be able to end the game with a smaller roll then this.

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Combo Support

The obvious problems here are that Ancient Gold Dragon costs a ton of mana. It’s also a creature that wins when dealing damage, which gives your opponents some time to remove it. How can we support this combo to make winning with it a bit smoother?

Sneak it Out

sneak attack

Using cards that cheat creatures into play like Sneak Attack will speed up this combo immensely. Only spending one mana to cheat Ancient Gold Dragon in will also allow you to protect it with the rest of your mana. Polymorph effects can also be used to cheat the dragon out. Polymorph cards are a theme on their own. Run a bunch of token generators and turn them into gigantic dragons!

Can’t be Countered

rhythm of the wild
vexing shusher

Ancient Gold Dragon, when casted, is begging to be countered. Use some can’t be countered effects in your dragon beatdown deck and laugh at your blue opponent holding up their Mana Drain.

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Can’t be Targeted

Hexproof and Shroud will make sure your Ancient Gold Dragon survives targeted removal. Ancient Gold Dragon will be a kill on sight creature, so you will probably need instant speed protection to make sure it connects with somebody.

For any financially inclined players out there, you can be sure that Dragon Tempest has seen a boost in price. Its been in response to all the spoiled dragons in Baldur’s Gate. This combo is relatively fresh. Do you think the card will spike again? Only time will tell!

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