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3, May, 23

The Rarest MTG and Pokémon Cards Are up for Auction

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Article at a Glance

Having existed for almost 30 years, MTG has an immense amount of history behind it. Alongside making MTG synonymous with the TCG genre, it also makes some of the game’s cards tremendously expensive. Predominantly found on the Reserved List, these decades-old cards are the rarest of the rare, and they’ll never be reprinted. Thanks to this prestigious rarity, when these rare MTG cards go up for auction, it can be a seriously big deal. 

Speaking of auctions, the legendary auction house PWCC is selling a variety of ultra-expensive cards right now. Set to finish tomorrow, this auction features some of the most prized TCG cards ever printed. Of course, this means the auction features an incredibly highly graded copy of Black Lotus. While this card may end up being the most expensive in the auction, as usual, it’s far from the only expensive card. With other Power Nine cards and legendary Pokémon collectibles, this auction may be one for the ages. 

The Power Seven

Unsurprisingly, within the latest PWCC Premier Auction, there are plenty of incredibly valuable and rare cards to fawn over. As we mentioned before, this, of course, includes a practically pristine copy of Black Lotus. Graded at an incredibly impressive 9.5 Gem Mint by Beckett Grading Services, this card is undeniably a stunning collectible. That being said, however, it’s unlikely to break the record for the most expensive Black Lotus ever sold. This is thanks to this Black Lotus being from Unlimited rather than the much more desirable Limited Edition Alpha set. Currently, this Black Lotus holds a $28,000 bid. 

Thankfully, for auction aficionados, this Black Lotus is hardly the only MTG card up for sale. Joining it in the latest premiere auction are six other cards from the Power Nine. While this isn’t exactly the full set, many of these are still well worth getting excited about. This is especially true for the Alpha copy of Timetwister. Graded at a 9.5 Gem Mint by Beckett, bids for this card have already reached $20,000. This instantly makes this time Twister the most expensive copy ever sold by PWCC. It may even become one of the most expensive MTG cards of all time!

While still valuable, the rest of the Power Nine cards available within the PWCC Premier Auction aren’t quite as expensive. This is thanks to their grades not being quite as enticing. One of the two Mox Sapphires, for instance, alongside an Ancestral Recall, are only graded at a 9 Mint. While this is obviously still a good score from Beckett Grading Services, it’s hardly a perfect 10 Pristine score. With bids standing at $15,000 and $13,000 respectively, however, these cards are obviously still incredibly expensive. 

Record Breaking Lands

Alongside the exceptionally valuable Power Nine cards, this PWCC auction also features a handful of Dual Lands. Each graded at a stellar 10 Gem Mint by PSA, each one of these cards is already phenomenally valuable. In fact, some of these cards already eclipse the highest recorded past sales. This is the case for both the Gem Mint 10 Taiga and Tundra. Clocking in at $6,750 and $9,250, respectively, these cards are both already record-breaking sales. 

For better or worse, the Gem Mint 10 copies of Tropical Island and Plateau aren’t already more expensive than the highest historic sales. That being said, however, these cards are far from cheap, with bidding standing at $9,250 and $6,000, respectively. With past sales reaching $15,600 and $9,300, it is possible that records may be broken once again. This seems a lot more likely for the Plateau, however, rather than the Tropical Island, which needs to almost double the current bid. 

Last but not least, this PWCC Premier Auction also has a rather unusual addition. Available for as low as $1.39 on TCGplayer right now, Sedge Troll is hardly the most prized MTG collectible. As an Alpha card that gets graded at 9.5 by Beckett, however, suddenly, this card commands a serious price tag. With bids standing at $4,250, this weak creature is already incredibly expensive, however, it may get even more expensive. Previously, a similar 9.5 graded copy of Sedge Troll sold for $10,000 on PWCC, so it’s entirely possible bids may push the price of this card significantly. 

Collectables Galore

Alongside all the graded MTG cards, the latest PWCC Premier Auction has plenty more collectible items to get excited about. This includes several Pokémon cards that may even be more expensive than the Unlimited Black Lotus. Fetching a $40,000 bid currently, the most expensive of these is a 2010 Pokémon Japanese World Championship Tournament Prize Master’s Key card. Graded at a 9.5 by Beckett, this card appears to be the best quality example of this card ever seen. Past examples, graded at a nine by Beckett, have sold for $26,900, so it’s safe to say this 9.5 Gem Mint card should be stupendously expensive. 

If that wasn’t enough to get Pokémon fans excited, this PWCC auction also has a Charizard up for sale. As you might expect, this Charizard isn’t any ol’ dime-a-dozen copy, oh no. Instead, this Charizard is a base set shadowless holo card which has been graded a perfect 10 Pristine by CGC. With no version of this card being graded higher by CGC, it’s safe to say this Charizard is more than deserving of its current $30,000 bid. Once the sale is underway, it’s likely the price will skyrocket even higher. After all, similar cards have previously sold for $66,000! 

To bring the conversation back to MTG for a moment, this auction also contains an incredibly exciting sealed product. Currently fetching a $27,000 bid, PWCC is auctioning off a factory sealed 60 card Alpha deck. Containing two rare cards, should the purchaser choose to open this deck, they could find a Black Lotus. Considering there are 116 rare cards in Alpha, however, there’s no guarantee of this happening. 

If all that doesn’t excite you, there’s also a $25,000 Panini Fortnite card being auctioned. 

Auction Anticipation

At the end of the day, while many of the current bids are obscenely high, this PWCC Premier Auction is exactly that: an auction. Subsequently, the prices that we’ve listed throughout this article are likely going to rise even higher. After all, players can typically expect to see a flurry of activity around the end of collection auctions like this. Subsequently, MTG and Pokémon players alike will just have to wait to see the final prices. With this auction ending in 36 hours, at the time of writing, it won’t be long before that happens. 

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