Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer
9, May, 24

MTG Most Expensive Modern Horizons 2 Cards

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Out of all the MTG sets releasing in 2024, Modern Horizons 3 is undeniably the most feared and anticipated by far. Seemingly promising a new forced rotation of Modern, this upcoming set appears to be jam-packed with staples. As a result of this, it’s likely only a matter of time before we’re lamenting how expensive it is.

While we’ve hardly seen everything the set has to offer just yet, price is always a major talking point for every MTG release. This is especially true for Modern Horizons 3 as it debuted with obscenely high prices. Thankfully, the prices of booster boxes have simmered down some since then, however, MH3 still isn’t going to be cheap.

Considering we don’t even know what’s going to be in the set, predicting prices is rather difficult, to say the least. That being said, to try and learn as much as possible, we can take a look back at the past. So, for the time being, let’s turn the clocks back three years and assess the heaviest hitters from Modern Horizons 2.

Like all MTG sets, Modern Horizons 2 packs could contain a variety of frames and showcase treatments for avid collectors. Today, however, we’ll just be looking at the plain ol’ black-bordered cards with no bells and whistles. For reference, to find our prices, we’ll be using TCGplayer’s market price.

Now, without those details out of the way, it’s time to dive into what we’re all here for. Here are the top five most expensive cards from Modern Horizons 2.

5 | Cabal Coffers

Cabal Coffers

Price: $21

To kick things off, the first card on this list is actually a reprint from Modern Horizons 2. First printed way back in Torment from 2002, Cabal Coffers has been around for over 22 years at this point. Despite this long history, the card is clearly expensive as it’s useful in a great many formats!

Since becoming Modern legal in MH2, Cabal Coffers has carved out its own niche in the format. Key to the aptly named Mono Black Coffers deck, this single card allows for insane ramp shenanigans. So long as you have enough swamps, or Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth in play, Cabal Coffers offers insane value.

Beyond its appeal in Modern, Cabal Coffers is played a great deal in Commander thanks to its incredible ramp potential. In mono-black decks, this single card can quickly provide all the mana you’d ever need. While it does require some set-up, since Commander games tend to go long, this card should always be a valuable addition to the 99.

Looking ahead to Modern Horizons 3, we’d be very surprised to see a white, blue, or red Cabal Coffers getting printed. That being said, powerful lands are still very much keeping your eye on. Since these cards offer so much utility, especially in Commander, we wouldn’t be surprised if a land card is high on Modern Horizons 3’s version of this list.

4 | Solitude


Price: $23

Since Fury was banned and Grief is more competitive oriented, Solitude is the most expensive Evoke Elemental right now. Considering their potential as a free Swords to Plowshares it’s no surprise they’re so expensive right now.

In Modern, Solitude currently sees play within Esper Reanimator and Control-focused lists. Here, Solitude provides some valuable early-game removal that gives you space to prepare your late-game threats and haymakers. The same is true in Commander, although there’s less impetus for early-game plays and denial there.

While Solitude is undeniably a useful and popular card, it shouldn’t be the only Evoke Elemental on this list. Prior to its banning, Fury was easily the most expensive card in the cycle, selling for around $40. Considering this designed-for-Modern card was too powerful for the format, it’s worthwhile being skeptical about overpowered bombs in MH3.

For better or for worse, Modern Horizons 3 also features its very own free spell cycle. One of these cards, Flare of Denial offers an insanely powerful free counterspell effect, which has immense potential. If this card doesn’t get banned, which may be a big if, this upcoming spell could easily become an expensive competitive staple. 

3 | Esper Sentinel

Esper Sentinel

Price: $31

Despite hailing from a Modern Horizons set, Esper Sentinel sees surprisingly little play in the Modern format. Used sparingly in Hammer Time and Control lists, Esper Sentinel can potentially be quite a potent card draw engine. Sadly, despite their potential, in Modern, this card will rarely hang around long enough to provide worthwhile value.

While Esper Sentinel may struggle in Modern, in Commander, this card is a true all-star. Synergizing with the format’s slower pace and multiplayer nature, Esper Sentinel can often draw you multiple cards per turn. Even if you don’t get the card draw desired, you’ll slow down your opponents as they pay some mana costs twice.

Played in over 350,000 Commander decks, it’s safe to say that Esper Sentinel is both popular and powerful. Theoretically, it’s entirely possible that Modern Horizons 3 will have a similarly cracked, cheap, and Commander-focused all-star. So far, we’ve not seen such a card be spoiled, but we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled.

2 | Urza’s Saga

Urza's Saga

Price: $37

While it has the most text of any card on this list, Urza’s Saga perhaps needs the least introduction. As the poster child for a busted Modern Horizons 2 card, Urza’s Saga is a true multi-format menace. Played in Modern, Legacy, Commander, and even Vintage, there’s no denying the obscene strength of this card.

For the low low cost of zero mana, Urza’s Saga gives you mana, an easily scaling Construct, and a tutor effect! While you do have to wait for these abilities, the amount of value you get for literally nothing is obscene. Regardless of what format you’re playing them in, you always want Urza’s Saga as a turn-one play.

Unsurprisingly, Urza’s Saga is also insanely strong in Commander. Boasting even more utility as a threat and tutor, it’s almost a wonder they’re not played more. If you want another chance to find Sol Ring or a piece of utility, Urza’s Saga is an easy auto-include. Similarly, if you’re building an Affinity deck, you’d be downright mad not to include this card.

For better or worse, it’s unlikely that Wizards is going to print another card as busted as Urza’s Saga. Well, that’s what we’re hoping, at least. Saying that, however, we’ve already seen another Urza’s land is being printed in MH3. Offering insane mana ramp, this card has huge multi-format potential, however, its price remains a mystery for now.

1 | Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer

Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer

Price: $39

Last, but certainly no means least, we have the Monkey menace themselves, Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer. Needing no introduction, but we’ve given it one anyway, this card is an aggressive multi-format all-star. Whether you’re looking to ramp, steal cards, or chip in for early damage, Ragavan has you covered.

Having been banned in Legacy thanks to their dominance, Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer is an aggressive powerhouse. Played in countless Modern decks, and heavily in Commander too, Ragavan is practically unmatched in their early-game strength. Thanks to this, it’s no wonder that Ragavan is so expensive… Right?

Unlike most of the cards on this list, Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer has actually been reprinted since Modern Horizons 2. Appearing in the Multiverse Legends Bonus Sheet from March of the Machine, Ragavan’s price has actually dropped a lot. Before its reprint, Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer would routinely sell for around $80, which was deserved as it was impressive.

Given that Modern Horizons 3 is bound to have a few aggro-focused cards, theoretically we could get Ragavan 2: Electric Boogaloo. Thankfully, despite this concerning possibility, we feel it’s very unlikely that Wizards would actually print another thing. Since their debut, Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer has been a menace in many formats, and MH3 has supposedly learned its lesson.

Modern Horizons Moves Markets

Ajani, Nacatl Avenger Art
Ajani, Nacatl Avenger | Modern Horizons 3

Ultimately, we’re just going to wait and see what Modern Horizons 3 brings to the table. Depending on how Modern gets warped, there’s a real chance that many of these cards could drop, or explode in price. Similarly, should any of these cards be reprinted, like Solitude is, then prices could be further changed.

At the end of the day, we’re just going to have to wait and see what happens. The start of Modern Horizons 3’s spoiler season is still a few weeks away, so we’ll have to be patient until then. Once that kicks off, however, expect a lot of market movements from excited Modern and Eternal players trying to predict the next big thing.

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