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3, Aug, 22

The MTG Arena Summer Sale Begins!

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MTG Arena players who like their cosmetics are in for a treat! Wizards of the Coast just announced that the Summer Sale will begin on August 4 and will run until the 17th! MTG Arena doesn’t have many sales, so what kind of stuff will be available to pick up? While the items featured by Wizards earlier today aren’t everything you’ll find, they are what we know about. Here is a sneak peek at what wonders await for those who want to get their bling on!

Tokyo Lands Bundle

Although these are only cosmetics, they look fantastic! These lands do an excellent job of taking some traditional snapshots of Tokyo and blending them with a sort of Kamigawa-like feel. These are the highlight cosmetics for me from this sale, and if I have some leftover coins before it ends, I will definitely pick them up!

Rule the Room Bundle

For those of you who want to expand your domineering vibe that’s already been established by your Jace, the Mind Sculptor avatar, these are for you. Using card arts from the Rule the Room Secret Lair, these cards represent the alternate arts of Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Arcanis, the Omnipotent, Queen Marchesa, and Savra, Queen of the Golgari respectively. If you want a card sleeve to intimidate your opponents, look no further.

Special Guest: Matt Jukes

These Matt Jukes lands are interesting. Full-art options are already available for these slow lands, but these abstract arts can help you stand out from your opponents. Like the previous Secret Lair, these Matt Jukes lands are based on a real-life Secret Lair that is a pretty good deal financially. Unfortunately, these Secret Lairs are no longer available in Paper. For those of you who are having some FOMO, you can relive what you missed digitally.

There’s More than That!

As mentioned, this sale isn’t everything Wizards of the Coast offers. Gladiator, a fan-made MTG format, will get a spotlight on it for a few days. If it is incredibly well received like Historic Brawl, we may see Gladiator become a returning format! Lots of bug fixes have also been implemented. You can look at those here. For more information on the Summer Sale, Wizards of the Coast’s Arena update can be found here.

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