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The Great Strixhaven College Clash Announced

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Who will become Strixhaven’s Greatest Mage?

Wizards of the Coast has announced The Great Strixhaven College Clash, a three-part miniseries premiering on April 29. With host Alasdair Beckett-King and narrator Sue Perkins, the show features five students, one from each of the five opposing Strixhaven colleges (Quandrix, Prismari, Witherbloom, Silverquill, and Lorehold) putting their knowledge of Magic: The Gathering to the test.

In The Great Strixhaven College Clash, five novice mage-students will compete for the chance to claim the title of Strixhaven’s Greatest Mage, and they will face weekly eliminations as they undergo “tests of knowledge talent, and of course, Magic: The Gathering“. Each of them will represent one of the five Strixhaven colleges.

Wizards of the Coast

The students will be guided by well-known members of the Magic: The Gathering community, including Magic Hall of Famer Luis Scott-Vargas.

You can the trailer for The Great Strixhaven College Clash below:

Here’s the full schedule of 3 episodes of The Great Strixhaven College Class:

Episode One, “Biblioplex Brawl” – Live April 29

Summary – Five aspiring student-mages will embark on their Magic: The Gathering journey, competing for the title of Strixhaven’s Greatest Mage. We are introduced to our Strixhaven mage-students and their Magic mentors before their college knowledge is put to the test in quiz-show style.

Episode Two, “Testing Talent” – Live May 7

Summary – Our remaining students’ skills are put to the test as they each use their talents to represent and show off their Strixhaven college. The judges face some hard choices with our lineup of skilled Strixhaven mage-students.

Episode Three, “Mage Match: The Finals” – Live May 13

Summary – With only two students remaining, it all comes down to one final Magic: The Gathering Arena battle. We watch our students train with their mentors, refine their Magic skills, and battle it out for glory and bragging rights.

It’s refreshing to see Wizards of the Coast produce unique content to celebrate the release of the latest MTG set, Strixhaven: School of Mages. The Hasbro division has also organized new lectures that fans can watch on this week. At this point, fans have praised the lecture videos released so far, with one Redditor saying that they surpassed his expectations.


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