26, Apr, 21

Wizards of the Coast Organizing New Lectures Inspired by Strixhaven: School of Mages Colleges

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Strixhaven-inspired lectures coming this week!

Strixhaven: School of Mages, the 87th Magic: The Gathering set, has been released for both tabletop and Magic: The Gathering Arena, and if you’re loving the magical school themes of the latest expansion, you may want to check out the upcoming lectures that Wizards of the Coast will be organizing this week.

Over on Twitter, the Magic Europe account has posted a schedule of lectures this week, and they’re all inspired by the five colleges of Strixhaven University: Witherbloom, Silverquill, Lorehold, Quandrix, and Prismari. The official MTG Twitch channel will stream these lectures, and you can check out the full schedule in BST time zone in the tweet here:

While I’m not familiar with most of the names in this schedule, it’s good to see that Dutch Magic: The Gathering Hall of Famer and math wizard, Frank Karsten, will be doing a lecture on Thursday, April 29. Karsten, who’s retired from professional play, is considered one of the card game’s foremost analytical minds and writers, so it’s interesting to see what he will talk about.

As an avid fiction writer and reader, I’m also interested in Ayasha U. Farah’s lecture, World Building & Cooperative Storytelling in Fantasy Writing on Tuesday, and Erek Dannenberg’s Lore: Discovery Through Story on Wednesday.

For those unfamiliar, Strixhaven is the most elite university in the Magic Multiverse located in the plane of Arcavios, and it features five colleges founded by the elder dragon whose name each college bears.


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Strixhaven: School of Mages is now available on both tabletop and online play (MTG Arena and Magic Online).

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