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The Five Most Expensive List Cards in Murders at Karlov Manor!

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The List got a major revamp in the Murders at Karlov Manor. This is the first set where The List will directly impact Limited thanks to the introduction of Play Boosters. Fortunately for players trying to evaluate the effectiveness of different List cards in the context of Limited, The List has been severely shortened – only containing 50 cards. Much of the chaff on previous Lists have been cut as a result.

Even though The List is significantly shorter, there are still some cards to open that are better than others. If you’re curious as to what the most expensive reprints are on The List for Murders at Karlov Manor, look no further! We’ll reveal the five most expensive cards that you can find on The List!

A few notes before we begin: MTG Arena and paper Magic actually have different Lists this time around, meaning the Limited experience on Arena varies slightly. Fortunately, this opportunity was used to include some majorly needed staples on MTG Arena, like Smuggler’s Copter, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that The List for MTG Arena is different than paper. We will only be looking at cards that you can actually open on The List in your Murders at Karlov Manor Play Booster.

We also will only be using secondary market prices to determine this list’s order. This means that the price of the Special Guest MTG cards may be somewhat misrepresented before the actual release of Murders at Karlov Manor, as the rarity and exclusivity of these cards can make them more expensive than expected.

Let’s take a look!

Mass Hysteria

Mass Hysteria is a one mana enchantment that offers a very simple ability: granting everything Haste! If you’re trying to create a lethal board of creatures in just one turn, this is a great way to turn those creatures into an immediate win!

This is definitely a card suited to Commander play first and foremost. Mass Hysteria can help turn a huge board of tokens into something that can take out opponents immediately. With instant speed Goad effects, you can wreck havoc with opposing Hasty creatures as well!

Mass Hysteria is currently worth $8 on the secondary market, but this reprint may cause it to drop in price a bit.

Worldspine Wurm

Worldspine Wurm is one of the biggest creatures in all of Magic. A 15/15 is certainly nothing to scoff at, and the Wurm’s ability to split into three more 5/5 creatures after death is too much for many decks to deal with. Fortunately, Worldspine Wurm has a massive mana cost, making it difficult to deploy in most circumstances.

Where Worldspine Wurm sees the most play is in Izzet Creativity decks in Pioneer. While the strategy has certainly waned in popularity, it did win a Pro Tour last year. By combining Worldspine Wurm with Xenagos, God of Revels, you can punch your opponent for a Hasty and Trampling 30 damage! This is enough to end the game in most spots immediately.

Thanks to a newfound desire for the Wurm combined with a lack of reprints, Worldspine Wurm currently floats around the $8 mark on the secondary market, but will likely lose some value thanks to this reprint.

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Field of the Dead

Field of the Dead is one of the Special Guest cards appearing in The Murders at Karlov Manor. Field of the Dead is banned in multiple MTG formats thanks to its inevitability. Getting the Field to start producing Zombies is a lot easier than you may think, and once this card starts producing creatures, it is very hard to shut the door. Beating a Field of the Dead deck generally involves either an infinite combo or putting enough pressure on the deck before it starts producing Zombies.

One format that Field of the Dead happens to not be banned in is Commander. This makes Field of the Dead a win condition of choice for many land-focused strategies since it can simply keep spitting out Zombies whenever you drop a land. Add in copying effects like Vesuva and Thespian’s Stage, and you can overrun opponents with ease.

Field of the Dead currently has a secondary market average of about $21, and this particular reprint is unlikely to affect that whatsoever.

Show and Tell

While many may think that Field of the Dead is the prize to seek in the Special Guest list, that may not be the case. Show and Tell currently has a higher secondary market value than the controversial land, allowing to put an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn onto the battlefield for just three mana!

Show and Tell is very popular in the formats where you can play it. This card is responsible for an entire Legacy archetype, and does see some Commander play, but a majority of the card’s secondary market value comes from a combination of scarcity and competitive eternal format demand. Notably, Show and Tell is worse in Commander than competitive because you allow three opponents to get a free permanent instead of just one.

While many may believe that Show and Tell’s $27 secondary market value may come down a bit as a result of this reprint, because its on the Special Guest list, there may not be enough copies of the reprint to affect secondary market values.

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Ranger-Captain of Eos

Ranger-Captain of Eos

This flexible Modern card is the most expensive reprint you can open in The List slot in Murders at Karlov Manor. While creature-based decks remain somewhat unpopular in the Modern format, Ranger-Captain of Eos provides a ton of flexibility, also making it sought-after by Commander players. Not only can this card search your library for a creature on ETB, effectively replacing itself with another threat, but the Ranger can even sacrifice itself to prevent opponents from casting noncreature spells for the rest of the turn!

This Silence-esque effect is more powerful than it looks. If an opponent drops a huge value card like Underworld Breach, exchanging you Ranger-Captain for it is a great deal. Ultimately, your creature already found another threat, so you’re up on the exchange.

Otherwise, if you’re one turn away from locking the game down with a board of creatures, sacrificing this card during an opponent’s upkeep to ward off some outs like a board wipe can be a strong play. Finally, you can use the Ranger-Captain to protect your own win conditions.

The current market average for a Ranger-Captain of Eos is $33. This is way above the secondary market value of any of the other cards on The List, making it the de-facto prize to open. That said, this card has had few reprints, and considering the cards following it on this list are Special Guest cards, it may not remain the most expensive card on the Murders at Karlov Manor List for long.

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