2, Apr, 21

The Artwork On These Two Strixhaven Cards Is Mixed Up

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The art-based news just keeps on coming out of Strixhaven, and this one is a doozy.
Article at a Glance

It’s certainly been an odd couple of weeks for Magic: The Gathering. While a lot of us are very exciting to mess around with all of the Strixhaven: School of Mages previews we’ve seen so far, it’s also been a rather busy week for news.

This is especially true when it comes to artwork, with both the Faithless Looting art being revealed last week and then the whole Crux of Fate debacle on top of it. Cards, in general, have been going a little awry, too, with Zaffai having a printing error.

Well, it turns out that there’s one more issue too.

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The art on these two cards got mixed up


So, it turns out that the artwork for Ephemerate and Memory Lapse have been swapped around for the Japanese versions of the Mystical Archive printings.

It was first brought to the world’s attention thanks to a tweet from @yumeyana_g, and then confirmed via a post on the main MTG page via a blog post.

The post explained that the artwork of the two cards had been swapped during the development process and continued on.

“Unfortunately, due to printing and shipping timelines, this issue will impact all printings of the card across Collector Boosters globally in addition to Japanese Draft and Set Boosters. The implementation of these cards as card styles in Magic: The Gathering Arena will match their physical tabletop versions.”

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It’s not all bad news


While this does raise some questions about the processes behind this set, especially along with the other issues we’ve seen so far, it’s not all bad news.

For starters, the artworks kind of work for both cards anyway, which is nice, but also, some people are quite happy about this.

How do you feel about this glitch in the process? We can all agree that Ephemerate is the better card anyway, right?

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