6, Apr, 21

Strixhaven Mastery Pass: What Can You Get And Is It Worth It?

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The Strixhaven Mastery Pass rewards have been revealed, here's everything you need to know about it.
Article at a Glance

Strixhaven looks to be a very interesting set, and if you’ve not checked it out yet, we definitely recommend taking a look at the spoilers to see what’s coming.

With that in mind, it means that we’re also on the verge of another Master Pass for MTG Arena.

That’s right, the Strixhaven Mastery Pass is on its way, so we thought we’d let you know everything you need to work out if you want to buy it or not.

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How much is the Strixhaven Mastery Pass?


As ever with the Mastery Passes, this one should cost 3,400 gems, which is $20.

This is marginally cheaper if you’ve bought a huge heap of gems, but generally speaking, that’s the answer to how much is the Strixhaven Mastery Pass.

You can, of course, win gems by playing well, which again, makes it technically cheaper, but even then, the gems have a value, so it all stands.

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How many levels is the Strixhaven Mastery Pass?


According to the post on the main website, the Strixhaven Mastery Pass goes all the way up to level 90.

“All players receive rewards through Level 72, while players with the Mastery Pass will receive rewards up to Level 90 and beyond!” That basically means that rewards up until level 90 are unique, and from then on will be set based on a specific number of levels gained and will usually by one Uncommon card.

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What can you get from the Strixhaven Mastery Pass?


All of this assumes you absolutely max out the Strixhaven Mastery Pass, and some will require set mastery, but here’s the list of things you can get:

  • Avatars: Dina, Soul Steeper. Killian, Ink Duelist. Zimone, Quadrix Prodigy. Rootha, Mercurial Artist. Quintorius, Field Historian.
  • Booster packs: 3 STX, 3 KHM, 3 ZNR, 3 M21, 3 IKO, 3 TBH, 2 ELD, 36 STX (Mastery)
  • Cards: 10 Strixhaven mythic rare Individual Card Rewards, 5 Mystical Archive Individual Card Rewards.
  • Card Sleeves: Professor of Zoomancy, Silverquill Archon Exquisite.
  • Card Styles: 25 Orbs, 15 Common, 10 Uncommon.
  • Event Tokens: 1 Player Draft Token.
  • Gems: 1,200
  • Gold: 4,000
  • Pets: 5 Magic Book Pets.

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Is it worth buying the Strixhaven Mastery Pass?


The short answer is, it depends on what level you’re going to reach before the end of this particular Mastery Pass. We’d always recommend waiting until the end of the Mastery Pass to see whether or not you think the investment is worth it.

However, if you want a longer answer, then it’s a little bit mixed. Assuming you absolutely max out the pass, then we’d say it’s probably worth the investment thanks to the wealth of different things you can unlock by absolutely maxing it.

Even just from a gem standpoint, if you get all of the gems, then the Strixhaven Mastery Pass will cost you 2,200 gems, thanks to the ones you’ll earn as you go.

At this point, the pass costs around $14 dollars as you’ve earned a chunk back. If you then assume that a pack costs 200 gems, because it does, then the pass costs the same as 11 packs, and you’ll be getting at least 20 if you hit max level, so it definitely works out in favor of the pass.

As such, we stand by the fact that the Strixhaven Mastery Pass is more worth it if you’re going to be hitting the max level, but it’s down to you as to whether or not you feel as though you’re good enough in a Draft to spend your gems there and come out on top.

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